• Vulcan® Waste Incinerator with Hydraulic Ram Feed

    • Manufacturer: RAM

      vulcan® waste incinerator with hydraulic ram feed - 500 lb./hr. fixed hearth incinerator. this cast refractory lined incinerator is rated to destroy a range of bulk solid wastes using 2 (two) industrial burners. ...

      $78,500 (USD)
      Moberly, MO, USA
    • Mmbtu Incinerator #220700

      • Manufacturer: John Zink

        2.9-20 mm btu/hr, cs, thermal oxidizer manufactured by john zink. shop order # ao-18309. designed to incinerate two solvent laden gas streams using a small amount of natural gas. one small solvent gas stream with...

        No price
        West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
      • Mm Btu John Zinc Incinerator #214327

            10 mm btu/hr, 1800 degree f, john zinc thermal oxidizer system, skid mounted design. available with a waste heat boiler (see ipp # 214326). the thermal oxidizer is designed to incinerate various combinations of s...

            No price
            West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
          • Consumat Systems C75PKD Waste Disposal Incinerator

                consumat systems c75pkd waste disposal incinerator - rated to destroy 250 lb./hr. of solid waste and 175 lb./hr. of pathological waste (type iv waste). incineration in primary lower chamber in an ≈ 60 cubic foot ...

                $98,500 (USD)
                Moberly, MO, USA
              • HEATERS/INCINERATORS/OVENS D100854

                    price "as is, where is"; catalytic products international model quadrant sr 18000 process air preheater; 18,000 scfm, temp range 32 deg. f. to 1022 deg. f.; equipped with maxon 30,000,000 btu megafire burner; 309...

                    No price
                    La Porte, TX, USA
                  • 1 Ton / Day Incinerator

                    • Manufacturer: PM

                      incinerator solid waste consisting of: main chamber, thermal chamber, quench tower, venturi scrubber, packed tower, exhaust stack, underfire air blower, combustion air fan, scrubber pump, quench pump, venturi pum...

                      No price
                    • 1991 WK Waermetechnische Anlagen Wetzlar TNV 3200 kW Brenner HT-V 11

                      • Manufacturer: Brenner

                        we offer: desthermooelkreislaufs thermal to incinerator tnv wk wetzlar to the heating and indoor heating the plant originates from the assets of a wallpaper paver for vinyl tree wallpaper or flachvenyltapeten it ...

                        $19,943 (USD)
                        Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
                      • SCFM BMT COMBUSTION THERMAL OXIDISER #RG9282

                            used direct gas fired thermal oxidiser, manufactured by bmt combustion systems ltd., 2014. waste gas is passed into a thermjet 0500 burner where it is nozzle mixed with air and burnt within the confines of an al...

                            No price
                            United Kingdom
                          • Used thermal oxidiser #RG9388

                                used natural gas fired thermal oxidiser made by caloric in 1992 and shut down circa 2015. designed to process waste acid water products. includes the following major equipment: – evaporator, oxidiser, quench ta...

                                No price
                              • Mmbtu Incinerator #211411

                                    unused, 551 cfm (peak) process combustion thermal oxidizer, model npo-1192-28. dual burner design. vertical design with vertical main combustion chamber , od 36" x 168", with a 40' exhaust stack. maximum destruct...

                                    No price
                                    West Windsor Township, NJ, USA

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