• De-Ionized Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System - USP Pharmaceutical Grade

    • Manufacturer: Contact seller for more information

      complete water purification package including, a lancaster water softener, aquafine ultraviolet disinfection unit, alleghany bradford heat exchanger, megometrics reverse osmosis water filter and more. complete...

      Williamsville, NY, USA
    • Millipore Elix 5 Water Purification System Cat No ZLXS6005Y

      • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

        the millipore elix 5 water purification system cat no zlxs6005y is a pure water solution for your essential needs.  it is customized to fit a broad range of research areas.  it is designed to be fed from portable...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Waters Automated Switching Valve

        • Manufacturer: Waters

          the waters automated switching valve p/n 60057 increases productivity of laboratory applications such as protein purification, chiral and multi-dimensional chromatography, combinatorial chemistry and qc/qa analysis.

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          East Lyme, CT, USA
        • Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron S2400B Water Purification Unit 40/Gpm Stainless

          • Manufacturer: Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron

            atlantic ultraviolet sanitron s2400b water purification unit 40 gpm stainless stl

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            Stevensville, MI, USA
          • Millipore Milli-Q Plus Water Purification System

            • Manufacturer: Millipore

              millipore milli-q plus water purification system

              Tustin, CA, USA
            • Sanyo AquaRec UV WDA200.RW1.5 UV Water Recirculation System

              • Manufacturer: Sanyo

                provides a continuous supply of purified water to satisfy the needs of humidification systems in environmental chambers and other applications requiring a pure water recirculation system. aquarec uv is particula...

                Golden Valley, MN, USA
              • 40 Horsepower Westfalia Disc Bowl Centrifuge #212422

                • Manufacturer: Westfalia

                  westfalia model osa-20-02-066 separator disc centrifuge with self-cleaning bowl. light phase liquid discharge by centripetal pump, heavy phase liquid discharge by regulating ring, timed discharge of solids. can b...

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                  West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                • Millipore Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) CAT No. TANKS60UV with 30 Liter Polyethylene Storage Tank

                  • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

                    the millipore automatic sanitization module (asm) cat no. tanks60uv with 30 liter polyethylene storage tank protects stored water quality.  it is designed to provide effective protection against airborne contamin...

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                    East Lyme, CT, USA
                  • Millipore Millipore 60 Liter Tank

                    • Manufacturer: Millipore

                      the millipore 60 liter tank is a pure water storage reservoir tank that is used for water purification.  the main concern when storing purified water is degradation of water quality over time. millipore 60 l poly...

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                      East Lyme, CT, USA
                    • 200 GPM Oil Water Separator

                          200 gpm oil water separator - the 200 gpm oil water separator by monarch separators comes with 100 gpm influent flow rate capacity per side. unit includes sediment drop out with integral oil and water tanks. manu...

                          Moberly, MO, USA