• 2014 Doosan Construction DL220-3

    $136,500 - Kalamazoo, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Doosan
    • Model: DL220-3
    • Hours: 630

    ride contol,radial tires.load and carry applications just met their match - in more ways than one. the doosan dl220-3 wheel loader is ideally sized to fit many state, county and municipal governmen...

  • 2010 Doosan Construction DL300

    $128,000 - Kalamazoo, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Doosan
    • Model: DL300
    • Hours: 3500

    radial tires,ride control,coupler,4cy bucketthe new dl300 wheel loader has all the advantages of the previous loaders. this logical new step provides real added value to the operator.

  • 2014 Doosan Construction DL200-3

    No price - Kalamazoo, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Doosan
    • Model: DL200-3
    • Hours: 105

    equipped with coupler, forks and bucket, the dl200 is the loader you need to compete on all projects. rent or buy today!complete tough load and carry applications - without sacrificing maneuverabil...

  • EcoWee Vann - vann 10.0 kw - PHNIX 30-GL

    $4,105 - Rogaland, Norway

      search enova before you book with us application under (20%, up to 110,000) note: the heat pump does not have an integrated energy meter, this may need to register. purchased separately. the sup...

    • EcoWee 7.0 kw vann - vann

      $2,580 - Rogaland, Norway

        system and log houses in stavanger. system and sign another house in operation. this is the smallest water / water heat pump spring. all in one, with 2 circulation pumps. assembly consists of o...

      • EcoWee Bondegård vann-vann 9.2 daikin compressor med 2 stk varmeveksler

        $5,865 - Rogaland, Norway
        • Manufacturer: Daikin

        ecowee 9.2 kw by daikin compressor (all in one) water water 9.2 kw danfos exchanger 28,000 .- + vat heat exchanger 1000x1000x 240mm to barns be mounted in front of the ventilation fan. ss 304 22 00...

      • EcoWee KP60 6.1 kw Hybrid

        $2,346 - Rogaland, Norway
        • Manufacturer: Hybrid

        ecowee kp60 (all in one) suitable houses for heating the house at 70-150 sqm. all in one with its own sirlulasjons pump and heat exchanger water. (r410a) rotary compressor. 1 phase 220 volt, 1700 w...

      • Sol 24 kvadrat solfanger EcoWee Eldhus

        $19,354 - Rogaland, Norway

          inox wee carwash on october 9 will warm up buildings. 24 square vacuum collector = 12 kw when full sun. sun energy is stored in 800 liter + 400 liter yard heat (+ 4,000 liter tank hybrid sol - grou...

        • Fiorentini S150

          $64,188 - Domžale, Slovenia
          • Manufacturer: Fiorentini

          sweepers model c - 150 for sweeping larger surfaces. drive diesel, lpg, the electrical drive, or hybrid. the possibility of choosing between a number of different connectors and accessories. for...

        • 2011 JCB Isuzu 4LE-IT Tier 3 Diesel ** 8065 RTS LEHNHOFF MS08 * 3LOFFLE * CHAIN ​​NEW

          $34,814 - Weischlitz, Germany
          • Manufacturer: JCB
          • Hours: 2,451 Hrs

          jcb compact excavator 8065 rts first hand. german machine with german initial delivery. all maintenance was carried out regularly ... sales carried out with currently new maintenance ... ketten wer...