• Teijo PC 200 Vakumindunstare

    No price - Värnamo, Sweden
      • Capacity: 30kW

      capacity heater: 30kw | destilator volume: 240l | destillation gate: 35l | destillation capacity: 200l/h | coolant water capacity: 350l/h

    • 1997 Kylvätskerening Knoll VRF 300/880

      No price - Värnamo, Sweden
        • Capacity: 300l/min

        width: 800mm | height: 700mm | length: 1200mm | chip size: 10âµm-30mm | separation: 10-15âµm | tankvolume: 800l | filter capacity: 300l/min | motors in total: 9,2kw | filter capacity oil: 230l/min...

      • Malmkvist Transitronfilter

        No price - Värnamo, Sweden
        • 2005 HAASE Energietechnik GmbH Ultrafiltration/Umkehrosmose Waste water treatment plant

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          • Manufacturer: HAASE Energietechnik GmbH

          waste water treatment plant, ultrafiltration/reverse osmosis 2 sea container installed each 2-santi isolated ultrafiltration mtahx 2-stage reverse osmosis template and intermediate tank dosing s...

        • 300000 kW 2500 PSI Coal Fired Power Plant #RG8910

          No price - United States

            unused coal fired power plant with output capacity of 300 mw, 60hz. designed to burn up to 30 ash coal and up to 25 moisture. plant is also designed to burn wood chips, pet coke and other type of b...

          • 2015 Novatec 2CRD200-ROT ultrasonic washing machine

            No price - Upper Austria, Austria
            • Manufacturer: Novatec

            ultrasonic cleaning system for the pretreatment before the pvd/dlc coating, water-based. precision cleaning system (austellungsanlage, pilot plant) is designed for the critical cleaning of metal pa...

          • 5 Tons/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant #RG7140

            No price -

              used waste water treatment plant with a batch capacity of approximately 5 tons per day. treatment of waste water via chemical precipitation to produce and subsequent filtration to produce clarified...