• 1997 Kylvätskerening Knoll VRF 300/880

    No price - Värnamo, Sweden
      • Capacity: 300l/min

      width: 800mm | height: 700mm | length: 1200mm | chip size: 10âµm-30mm | separation: 10-15âµm | tankvolume: 800l | filter capacity: 300l/min | motors in total: 9,2kw | filter capacity oil: 230l/min...

    • Malmkvist Transitronfilter

      No price - Värnamo, Sweden
      • 300000 kW 2500 PSI Coal Fired Power Plant #RG8910

        No price - United States

          unused coal fired power plant with output capacity of 300 mw, 60hz . designed to burn up to 30 ash coal and up to 25 moisture. plant is also designed to burn wood chips, pet coke and other type ...

        • 2015 Novatec 2CRD200-ROT

          No price - Upper Austria, Austria
          • Manufacturer: Novatec

          ultrasonic cleaning system for the pretreatment before the pvd/dlc coating, water-based. precision cleaning system (austellungsanlage, pilot plant) is designed for the critical cleaning of metal pa...

        • 2000 SBM SBM

          No price - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: SBM

          dissolution of a waterworks the sale is carried out on behalf of an authority the filter plant was used to remove iron, manganese and arsenic. the capacity of the system was 8 l / sec water treatme...

        • 5 Tons/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant #RG7140

          No price -

            used waste water treatment plant with a batch capacity of approximately 5 tons per day. treatment of waste water via chemical precipitation to produce and subsequent filtration to produce clarified...