• US Filter Pennfield Model CA300-72-S Deionizer System #506-26

    No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA Recently Added

      unused us filter pennfield model ca300-72-s, sn 53534, deionizer system, (1) carbon filtration tank, (1) ultra violet sterilizer pump and control panel.

    • US Filter Water Softener System #607-40

      No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA

        used us filter water softener system. (2) pressurized tanks, (2) holding tanks, valve assembly, and controls.

      • 150 Ltr/Hr Seral Type Alpha 150 Stahl Water Treatment Plant #RG7215

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        • Manufacturer: Stahl

        used water treatment plant manufactured by seral type alpha 150 stahl with a capacity of approximately 150 litres per hour. also includes ion-exchanger, (3) filters, (1) clean filter, uv light, cir...

      • 10 Hp Ashbrook Aerator #ZW60703

        No price - United States

          used 10 hp ashbrook aerator with 6′ diameter flotation ring. 1200 rpm, 460 volt motor.

        • 400 Ltr/Hr Letzner GFH Type EV 1390.1 WFI and Ultra-Pure Steam Water Still #L0853-04

          No price - London, United Kingdom
          • Manufacturer: STILL

          used letzner gfh type ev 1390.1 stainless steel (1.4404) wfi and ultra-pure steam water still. has a capacity of approximately 400 liter per hour wfi or 400 kg per hour ultra-pure steam. the wfi ve...

        • 1000 Litre Millipore Model MSP006895 Ultrafiltration Plant #L0811-10

          No price - United Kingdom
          • Manufacturer: Millipore

          used millipore model msp006895 ultrafiltration plant. includes (2) millipore cuf01 & cuf02 filter elements with pellicon 2 cassette filter elements. millipore polygard 0.3 micron stainless steel fi...

        • Romicon Inc Filtration System #L1228-05

          No price - London, United Kingdom

            used romicon inc filtration system. includes two sets of romicon type pm10 hollow fibre cartridge filters. also includes albin model slp 220 positive displacement pump driven by 2.2 kw 415 volt 3/5...

          • Spinclean Filter #VL1233-12

            No price - London, United Kingdom

              used spinclean filter.

            • 5 Tons/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant #RG7140

              No price -

                used waste water treatment plant with a batch capacity of approximately 5 tons per day. treatment of waste water via chemical precipitation to produce and subsequent filtration to produce clarified...

              • 1800 Ltr/Hr Letzner Stainless Steel HPW Water Still #RG8919

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                • Manufacturer: STILL

                used letzner stainless steel hpw water still. has a capacity of approximately 1800 liter per hour. all mounted on common skid with siemens s7 controls.