• Buchi B480 Bath Buchi B-480 Buchi Waterbath B-480 Buchi Rotary Evaporator Bath

        buchi b480 bath buchi b-480 buchi waterbath b-480 buchi rotary evaporator bath used nice

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • Precision 180 Series Waterbath

        • Manufacturer: Precision

          features temperature control and high temperature limit analog knobs, 1.5-liter capacity, ambient +5º to 95ºc temperature range, 120v, 50/60hz, 1.9a.

          No price
          Mountain View, CA, USA
        • Precision 288-115 Waterbath

          • Manufacturer: Precision

            catalog no. 51220058, 280 series general purpose, digital, dual chamber waterbath, features independent temperature controls for each chamber, designed for exceptional performance and reliability for most general...

            $1,100 (USD)
            Mountain View, CA, USA
          • Lab-Line Imperial IV Waterbath Model 18010

            • Manufacturer: Lab-Line

              lab-line imperial iv waterbath model 18010.

              $540 (USD)
              Vista, CA, USA
            • Grant GD120 Waterbath W26555

                  type: r2 | voltage: 230 – 50hz

                  No price
                  Chorley, United Kingdom
                • No price
                  Chorley, United Kingdom
                • VWR Scientific Refrigerated Circulating Waterbath Model 1160, 6 liter cap 6433

                  • Manufacturer: VWR

                    one used vwr scientific refrigerated circulating waterbath model 1160, 6 liter cap., temp. range: -20°c to 100°c, two flow rates: 9 or 15l/min. cooling capacity 200 watts @+20*c, 140 watts @ 0*c and 100 watts @-1...

                    No price
                    Los Angeles, CA, USA
                  • Unbadged Waterbath

                    • Manufacturer: Unbadged

                      unbadged 5 meter wathbath width: 0.9m | height: 1.9m | length: 5m

                      No price
                      Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
                    • Thermo Scientific Precision 2872 Reciprocal Shaker Waterbath

                      • Manufacturer: Thermo

                        thermo scientific precision 2872 reciprocal shaker waterbath

                        $995 (USD)
                        Golden Valley, MN, USA
                      • VWR 89032-222 Waterbath

                        • Manufacturer: VWR

                          vwr 89032-222 waterbath warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

                          No price
                          San Diego, CA, USA

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