No price - Osgodby, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Wessex

    turquoise, attachments, other attachments, rather than spraying, a fast and far more cost-effective method of wiping them out is to consider the wessex rotowiper weed wiper. ideal for paddock, past...

  • Miscellaneous equipment - : Wipeout Weed Wiper

    $1,961 - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Wipeout Weed Wiper

    year 2014 2.4 m trailed weed wiper, magic eye system good saving off new machine

  • Miscellaneous equipment - : Blaney / Quad X Blaney 4.5meter Weed

    $7,048 - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Blaney / Quad X Blaney 4 5meter Weed

    tractor mounted 4.5meter wide weed wiper, weed wipout model, twin rollers, magic eye, powder coated paint, hydraulic lift, excellent product for cost saving. only 2 left! the wipeout offers massive...


    $17,774 - New Zealand
    • Manufacturer: SAM

    late model sam 6 tonne spreader in very good condition. fins on spinners recently replaced by owner. hopper cover fitted within last 12 months...


    No price - New Zealand
      • Width: 4.8m

      very easy to use simply mix your weed killer, pump mix into wicks until wicks are wet, set the wicks at the desired height, drive around paddock to transfer weed killer from wick to weeds, can tow ...

    • Sprayer - : Rampe de traitement chardons - betteraves montées - mauvaises herbes

      $1,358 - Tincques, France
      • Manufacturer: 3M

      vicon wedge-wik - weed wiper - micron weedswiper - weed swiper - weed wiper

    • Steketee onkruidstrijker (10979-4)

      $1,201 - Numansdorp, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Steketee

      9-row weed wiper with mops and luiter

    • 2011 Grimme SE 150-60 UB

      $89,696 - Korneuburg, Austria
      • Manufacturer: Grimme
      • Model: SE 150-60 UB

      recording range 580mm, dam drum d390mm, 2 hydr. jigbands, 2 hydr, finger wipers, k80 ball head, automatic dam pressure control and dam centering, 2 discs, strainer 50mm, variable speed control sch...

    • 2010 Grimme SE 150-60 NBR

      $61,348 - Uelsen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Grimme
      • Model: SE 150-60 NBR

      hydraulic axle steering automatic axle centering with compressed air brake and street lighting au automatic digging of the perineum attachment in ball coupling tires 800 / 45-30.5 tilt adjus...

    • 2015 GRASSWORKS WWTM30

      No price - Hale Center, TX
      • Manufacturer: GRASSWORKS

      30' tractor mount weed wiper. used one season. grass works weed wiper 8 row wide rigid with tank, pump, and gauge wheels. hyd driven roller no drip or drift for roundup resistant weeds or to clean ...