• 2006 MILLER DIMENSION 652 Welders

    $2,100 - Coral Springs, FL
    • Manufacturer: Miller
    • Model: DIMENSION 652

    miller dimension 652 multiprocess welder. cc/cv dc power sources provide outstanding versatility, plus the endurance to handle demanding industrial applications. engineered to provide exceptional p...

  • NEW HOLLAND 555E Backhoe loader

    $17,900 - Lake City, FL Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: New Holland
    • Model: 555E
    • Hours: 5584

    555e loader backhoes, the backhoe is in pretty good condition. has a 4 cylinder, non-turbo, 76 hp engine. four-wheel drive. good shuttle shift trans and rear end. brakes are very good. emergency br...

  • Bode on MCRA1200 Welding Machines

    $4,493 - Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bode on

    welding machines bode on mcra1200 used machine auction name: metalworking machinery and workshop inventory in velsen-noord public online auction: on behalf of spie netherlands due to relocation : t...

  • 1980 NIMAK PMP 7/100 Spot welding machines

    No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: NIMAK
    • Capacity: (At 50% duty cycle) 100 kVA
    • Weight: 780 kg

    hardly used and nearly new spot welding machine, equipped with 4-times synchronous thyristor control type stdi 4/800 with pulses and current rise div. accessories, operating instructions

  • L-TEC TIG 220 DC Shielded arc welding machines WIG

    No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: L-TEC

    well preserved tig u. electrode welding machine, water cooled div. accessories

  • 2011 KIT 305 Synergic Shielded arc welding machines MIG-MAG

    No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Weight: 98 kg

      little used and well preserved gas shielded mig-mag welding system torch hose package, ground cable, pressure reducer, connection cable

    • KEMPPI RA 450 Shielded arc welding machines MIG-MAG

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: KEMPPI
      • Weight: 190 kg

      used gas shielded welding, with separate wire trunk div. accessories

    • TECHNOLIT Profi 280S Shielded arc welding machines MIG-MAG

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: TECHNOLIT
      • Weight: 110 kg

      hardly used and therefore very well preserved mig-mag welding machine, air-cooled connection u. ground cable, cable assembly

    • CASTOLIN Xupermax Welding transformers/rectifier

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: CASTOLIN

      lightly used and well-preserved welding rectifier, in execution as the primary stroke, 400 v rectified and regulated by fast transistor switch for the welding current, ie without "heavy" transforme...

    • KUKA K C2 Welding robots

      No price - Vorchdorf, Austria
      • Manufacturer: KUKA

      kuka wеlding robot user's guide, etc. available condition info: used machine ready for use