• 2008 Schubert Model DBS 5 SS HydroAir Wet Downdraft Scrubber

    • Manufacturer: Schubert

      wet downdraft scrubber cfm: 5000 | inlet: 14" | width 60": 60"

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      Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
    • Wet scrubber venturi

          type of plant: venturi tower scrubber. principle of operation: pollutants contained in scrubber ecochimica® are absorbed by chemical reaction by washing with a suitable killing reagent. the standard ecochimica® ...

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          Sicily, Italy
        • Scrubber, Wet, 14' X 80', S/st, Spray Nozzles,

              air scrubber, bottom section measures 14' diameter x 22' tall. includes bottom-mounted sharpe mixer (quantity 2). mixer driven by approximately 10hp, 1760 rpm drive through v-belt. middle section of scrubber meas...

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              Dubois, ID, USA
            • 2000 Dulevo H707 Automatic wet scrubber

              • Manufacturer: Dulevo

                ger�t is in a very good condition, good battery, battery: good battery | engine type: electric | vis. condition: very good | tech. condition: very good | sweeping width [in]: 0

                Saarburg, Germany
              • NEW DIVERSI-TECH W1200 / W3000 / W5000 1200 - 5000 cfm Wet Dust Collectors and Wet Scrubbers #W1200

                • Manufacturer: DIVERSI-TECH

                  please note: many products ship straight from manufacturer 1200 - 5000 cfm wet dust collectors and wet scrubbers featuring injection self-cleaning system efficient / compact / economical the wet dust collector co...

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                  Port Orange, FL, USA
                • Scrubber, Wet, 12,000 CFM, 304 S/st, Vertical Tank, 30 HP, F

                      fisher klosterman quench scrubber unit rated approx. 12,000 cfm complete with 8" x 19" tangential air inlet. unit model ms-300a scrubber rated for 70 deg. f., 1 atmosphere pressure. serial number 15950, complete,...

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                      San Dimas, CA, USA
                    • Vulcan® Packed Bed Scrubber

                          vulcan® packed bed scrubber - 10' diameter x 39.5' tall wet scrubber for multiple applications including: dust control, organics condensation, or gas stream cooling. the scrubber, built out of aluminum alloy, is ...

                          Moberly, MO, USA
                        • 2007 Advance Convertamatic AXP

                          • Manufacturer: Advance

                            engine type: electric | sweeping width: 28 in

                            Winston-Salem, NC, USA
                          • Vulcan® Model RVT Venturi Scrubber

                                vulcan® model rvt venturi scrubber - venturi scrubbers or wet scrubbers effectively capture and control epa regulated particulate matter pm 10 and pm 2.5 air pollutants. the vulcan® variable throat venturi is the...

                                Moberly, MO, USA
                              • Dust Collector Scrubber

                                    tri-mer wet dust collector model:  50 h whirl-wet serial:  40282 4500 cfm of air siemens induction motor click below for equipment brochure: tag number b107delbc

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                                    Langley, Canada