• 2005 NORDEX 1.3 MW pro Stueck nine pieces of wind turbine EXPORT

    No price - Schriesheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: NORDEX

    important: please contact us for more with your contact details. for more information on request. picture similar, only sample image. source: flickr / storm-crypt /

  • Belüftungsgebläse Drier blower

    No price - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Belüftungsgebläse

    ventilation turbine hay blowers woodchip blower wind turbine chassis iron wheels with towing eye drive via belt blasting tube 50cm diameter 950 € + vat

  • 2016 BCS Volcan 950 SEK

    No price - Cornel Besmer Landmaschinen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BCS

    bcs volcan 950 sec demo engine, 91 hp, wind turbine, super comfort, low noise platform cab rubber mount, air conditioning, comfortable hydraulic control via joystick, 4-wheel brakes in oil bath, 4-...

  • Fanway FY-360

    No price - Taiwan
    • Manufacturer: Fanway

    9fq series fish feed hammer mill 150-250kg/h fy-360 with high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure and easy to maintenance, being an ideal feed grinding machine in shrimp a...

  • 80 Meter Sany Towers for 2MW Turbines

    $700,000 - Vancouver, WA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sany

    this lot of 80 meter towers for 2mw turbines is available for sale as surplus from a project that never materialized. the owner would like to sell them in an asset liquidation sale. details: no. of...

  • Nissens 202486 Oil cooler

    No price - Luumäki, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Nissens

    oil cooler nissens 202486 used machine two separate oil coolers mounted in steel frame. motors data: 380 / 420, 960rpm, 3kw - 3 pcs external size 312x173cm the item is not used before.

  • AKG Thermotechnik Int. 0979.003.x024 High Flow Oilcooler

    $15,726 - Luumäki, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: AKG Thermotechnik Int

    high flow oilcooler akg thermotechnik int. 0979.003.x024 used machine three separate oil coolers mounted in steel frame. motors data: 380-420 / 660-720 v, 1460rpm, 11kw - 3 pcs

  • 2015 John Deere W540 HILLMASTER MIT 620PF

    $194,738 - Ostrau, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: John Deere

    standard equipment: inclined conveyor md-side preparation for cutting attachment with automatic cutting unit headertrak, automatic for the reel speed, hydraul. overpressure control and coiler driv...

  • 2010 Esab FUB 30

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Esab
    • Weight: 30000 kg

    station fub 30 is designed for adaptation and stapling of cylindrical objects and is suitable for applications such as tanks / vessels, wind turbine towers, pipe / pipeline etc. station is designed...

  • 2016 HUAYU Brand 60 Meter Retractable Extendable Flatbed Trailer low bed semi-trailer for parts

    $35,000 - Jining, China
      • Capacity: 60000 kg

      heavy duty flatbed truck trailer and expandable semi trailer extendable flatbed trailer extendable bed semi trailer for wind blade 3 axles stretch flatbed trailer/extendable container trailer with ...