• wire cable test machine

    No price - Villmergen, Switzerland Recently Added

      machine to test wire cable do7etdap7f7 condition info: used machine from place

    • ADSS Cable & Micro Fiber Cable (127,156.90/Ft)

      $40,000 - Newark, CA Recently Added

        this surplus lot of adss cable & micro fiber cable is being sold by a company as part of their surplus to recover funds and storage space. details: product adss cable and micro fiber quantity: 14 r...

      • BLUME & REDECKER DA53 V Cable stripping

        No price - Steyr, Austria
        • Manufacturer: BLUME & REDECKER

        machine for stripping cables - see picture

      • DALEX Variospot 3.1 BUMP Punkter for Woven Wire Cloth

        No price - Gebhardshain, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Dalex

        stosspunkter, hand-opеrated secondary welding cables, main switch, 2 m connection cable with a 16a plug with synchronous 1-time welding control system connection voltage 400 v frequency 50 hz suita...

      • LINCOLN LN-23P electrode welding machine with wire feeder 400A # 8011

        $1,624 - Wiefelstede, Germany
        • Manufacturer: LINCOLN

        welding rectifier electrode welding machine electrodes welding machine electrode welding rectifier type dc-400 welding power max 400 a wire feed unit type ln-23p - for self-shielding cored wire wit...

      • 1985 WAFIOS FS03

        No price - Krefeld, Germany
        • Manufacturer: WAFIOS

        used wafios fs03 spring coiling machine t he spring winding machine, model fs 03, is used for the production of right- and left-hand tension and compression springs, cylindrical or any form, with o...

      • WAFIOS FTU 3.3-98

        No price - Krefeld, Germany
        • Manufacturer: WAFIOS
        • Weight: 2.800 kg

        used wafios ftu 3.3-98 - cnc wire bending machine with decoiler & robot for the manufacture of springs and 3-d bending parts in the winding and winds process wire diameter: 1.5 - 6.0 mm dispense wi...

      • WAFIOS FTU 5.3-98/B

        No price - Krefeld, Germany
        • Manufacturer: WAFIOS
        • Weight: 7.500 kg

        used wafios ftu 5.3-98 / b - cnc bending center with freely programmable electronic control. for the production of 2- and 3-dimensional bent parts, all kinds of spirals, rings - also 2- and 3-dimen...

      • 1987 ROSENDAHL TR 1000 Kabelumspulmaschine

        No price - Steyr, Austria
        • Manufacturer: ROSENDAHL

        kabelauf and abwickelanlage or winder to and f, unit m161, siemens control

      • WALTER SURFOX 100

        No price - Hamburg, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Walter

        1 used weld cleaning untensil walter surfox 100 with following equipment: - earth wire and clamp - 3m cable with cleaning pistole