• 2009 CBI 6400T

    • Manufacturer: CBI

      attachments: cbi 6400t magnum force 2009 cat 3412e 10500 h overbandmagnet diesel and hydraulic oil heater air compressor in very good condition

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    • 2007 CBI 8400P

      • Manufacturer: CBI

        cbi 8400p magnum force grinder 2007 cat 3412e diesel engine with around 2800 h after that have been total renovated and still 1 year warranty left from cat overband magnet dafo webasto a nice machine for grindin...

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        Stockholm, Sweden
      • 2006 CBI 6800S

        • Manufacturer: CBI

          stationary grinder with drum rotor driven by a 630 kw motor with frequency inverter (abb) two 45 kw motors for the hydraulic pumps for the hydrostatic drive for toppp feed roll, bottom feed roll and feed conveyor...

        • Slasher saws, wood splitters and cutters Kopo

          • Manufacturer: Slasher saws, wood splitters and cutters

            affordable chipper

            Kuopio, Finland
          • 1987 Patruuna 4500

            • Manufacturer: Patruuna

              the dimension of 6.2 m, with four turning cylinder. trailer double-hull and heavy-duty 22.5 "tires and are directed to vetopuomisto. can not ask for more good carriage.

            • 2016 Nokka 4872PHR+MV1102 4WD

              • Manufacturer: Nokka

                year, driven into the forest arbitrary effective package! the hydraulic pilot control, nr5 swing dampers, drive the cart, 500-rings, 4 karikkaparia, siivekevalot.

                Ilmajoki, Finland
              • 1996 Hakki 5100

                • Manufacturer: Hakki

                  two skopor medföljer, buckets by reach: 510 cm | production country: finland

                  Åland Islands
                • 2017 Pilkemaster Evo 36HC

                  • Manufacturer: Pilkemaster

                    here suitably unused pilkemaster evo 36 hc model! also, financing possibly even without a down payment.

                    Ylivieska, Finland
                  • Hakki 2510

                    • Manufacturer: Hakki
                      Jalasjärvi, Finland
                    • Hakki Pilke Raven 30

                      • Manufacturer: Hakki pilke
                        Alavus, Finland