• Intorex CKX CNC Wood Turning Lathe

        a heavy duty cnc woodturning lathe equipped with 2 independently controlled cutting gouges, 1 for roughing the other for finishing plus an additional hydraulically controlled gouge for 'rounding'. as standard the...

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        Liverpool, United Kingdom
      • Intorex TRD-65 Small Component Wood Turning Lathe

            a fully automatic woodturning lathe designed for the volume production of small turned pieces such as knobs, handles etc. the machine sequencing is controlled by plc with touch screen and as standard the machine ...

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            Liverpool, United Kingdom
          • Wood lathe 220 volts. Maximum working width 1000 mm turning diameter 350 mm piercing 20 mm. - Auction 480 #0065

                review: fredag den 23-06-2017 fra klokken 10.00 til 15.00 | collection: torsdag den 29-06-2017 fra klokken 9.00 til 16.00 | current bid: 215 € | bidding end time: 27-06-2017 13:00:00

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                Bredsten, Denmark
              • Hempel CH8 Lathes

                • Manufacturer: Hempel

                  lathes hempel ch8 used machine parts of various shapes with round cross section can be generated with this template lathe. the steels of the front supports are controlled directly from the template, the form of w...

                • HEMPEL CHK9 Lathes

                  • Manufacturer: Hempel

                    lathes hempel chk9 used machine copying lathe weight 925 kg size: 2.9 x 1.2 x 2,0 m maximum turning length: 900 mm diameter: 100 mm / m. bezel diameter: 140 mm / o. bezel working length: 900 mm spindle motor: 4.0...

                    Gersfeld (Rhön), Germany
                  • HEMPEL HH9 Lathes

                    • Manufacturer: Hempel

                      lathes hempel hh9 used machine template lathe turning diameter up to 700 mm turning length 900 mm power consumption 7,7 kw 3 piece supporters including

                    • HEMPEL HHE9 Lathes

                      • Manufacturer: Hempel

                        lathes hempel hhe9 used machine wiped 1550 kg turning diameter of 100 mm turning length 900 mm spindle motor 7, 5kw 2800 rpm hydraulic motor 900 mm supports 3 there is the possibility to buy the machine not outda...

                      • HEMPEL ERHA Automatic ring and wheel lathe

                        • Manufacturer: Hempel

                          automatic ring and wheel lathe hempel erha used machine turning diameter of max 150 mm maximum 70mm thick production capacity 300-400 parts/hour power requirement 6.6 hp this machine is used for rotating rings, w...

                        • Hapfo AHK 140

                          • Manufacturer: Hapfo

                            description: vruu8i they provide here a super functional wood lathe with copy device and lynette, the noble brand hapfo which is really high class. it is a good condition. there are small traces of use. this mach...

                            Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                          • Turning machine

                            • Manufacturer: Gebrueder Schaltz K.G.

                              the machine is to see on the pictures. tip diameter 1000 mm removable bed diameter over bed 600mm top width 1500 mm 7zinzhyd3 with lots of accessories lining 150mm∅ lining 400mm∅ in another question i'm love to t...

                              North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany