• Hema Bandsaw of

    $2,270 - Neuwied, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hema

    if you have questions, please call me! no guarantee, no return! bestmann holzbau gmbh peter bestmann auf der lay ad ems

  • Koelle BG80 Bandsaw of Kölle

    $2,534 - Neuwied, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Koelle

    if you have questions, please call me! no guarantee, no return! bestmann holzbau gmbh peter bestmann auf der lay ad ems

  • 1991 Söderhamns/AKE Super 40 Spaner 240/12 Bandsaw machines

    No price - Bavaria, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Söderhamns/AKE

    bandsaw machines söderhamns/ake super 40 spaner 240/12 used machine very well maintained canters quadro group super 40 by söderhamns/lfs. indent with centering type mtg with chipping 240/12 söder...

  • 1999 WACO Waco BKL Twin bandsaw

    No price - Harju County, Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Waco

    twin bandsaw with mechanization, destacker, infeed, outfeed, manual stacking

  • 1988 PRIMULTINI SEB-1150-CEC Bandsaw

    No price - Bern, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: CEC

    complete block band saw system primultini seb-1150-cec, which includes: -hydr. depositors with 5 slices - block bandsaw stand primultini seb compl. with control panel roll diameter: 1150 mm roll...

  • 1994 Centauro 800 mm bandsaw with feeding

    No price - Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Centauro

    second hand centauro 800 mm band saw - split band saw - year 1994 - nr. 940897 - with self centering feeding unit - 11 kw motor 3/380 volt - incl. ass. blades - good condition c9lxq

  • 1997 ACM STAR 700 Bandsaw machines

    No price - Cantù, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Star

    bandsaw machines acm star 700 used machine band saw acm star 700 flywheel diameter mm. 700 motor power hp 3 ce

  • HBS700E-400V Bandsaw Holzprofi

    No price - Roitham, Austria

      dеmonstration machine - excellent condition - wood professional jigsaws with over complete equipment hbs700e-400v standard equipment: precision gauge with quick, smooth, good bearing, rubber-coate...

    • 1979 Stenner VHE/M Super Sangu tandem lamination bandsaw

      No price - Benediktbeuern, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Stenner

      1.stenner tandem lamination bandsaw type vhe/m-super built in 1979 hydraulic means cutting bandsaw vhe 36 diameter roller diameter 915 mm rim width 89 mm maximum blade width 100 mm max blade length...

    • 2000 Pasquier Bandsaw-horisontal

      No price - Kolobrzeg, Poland
      • Manufacturer: Pasquier

      bbs horisontal-pasquier (switzerland) -rollendurchmesser 1250mm -stammdurchlass 1250mm blade width 130mm hydraulic quick span dare 12m vices 7 elektrnnische schnittstärkeeinsttellung ready top con...