• Stainless steel table with sliding doors

    No price - Keltern, Germany

      stainless steel table with sliding doors width: 1.89m depth: 0.80m height: 0.85m price on request

    • Work table AT 3500 with beech board

      No price - Babenhausen, Germany Recently Added

        work table bakery stainless steel beech plate with stainless steel gallery drawer block left sliding door block center ingredients container on the right table mobile with fixing dimensions: 3500 x...

      • Working table AT 2900

        No price - Babenhausen, Germany Recently Added

          work table with beech board at 2900 stainless steel with drawer block on the left 3 drawers each 3 flour carts (2 per 100 kg, 1 per 150 kg) storage area on the right with gallery dimensions: 2900 x...

        • Work table with wooden plate

          $637 - Düren, Germany Recently Added

            working table stainless steel table with wooden plate each with 3 drawers on the right and left measurements: 2.5 meters long, 85 high, 80 deep in a good condition second hand

          • Working table VA

            No price - Cologne, Germany

              working table with plastic surfaces stainless steel approx. 400 x 152 x 86 cm used roughly cleaned stainless steel table condition as in photos (roughly pre-purged) the table is covered with food-g...

            • Working table

              $540 - Lich, Germany Recently Added

                stainless steel work table with sliding doors and a clipboard 188 cm x 80 cm price net from stock: 500 € work table - stainless steel work table

              • Working table

                No price - Heinsberg, Germany

                  a used bakery table a very good work table, which convinces by its size (350 x 80 x 85 cm, w x d x h) and quality the stainless steel table is welded. on it is a heavy workbench of beech b350 x t8...

                • Baker's table 300 cm

                  No price - Heinsberg, Germany
                  • Manufacturer: Baker

                  baker's table, work table, wooden table 300 cm we have two bakeries that look quite similar these work tables are particularly suitable for working with dough and can be worked on all sides these w...