• 2013 Italdibipack Ecofard 700 Shrinking tunnels

    • Manufacturer: Italdibipack

      shrinking tunnels italdibipack ecofard 700 used machine sleeve-wrapper machine with shrink tunel; allows the use of bottles, cans, jars, etc.: with welding bar, length 700 mm; entrance of the oven (pei = 18 kw): ...

      $17,445 (USD)
      Lisbon, Portugal
    • 2002 Hugo Becks Flexo 500 S 2002 shrink wrapping machine

          we are pleased to offer: hugo becks flexo 500s shrink wrapping machine, year 2002. serial number: 6566. automatic foil sealing hot air blowing system foil feeding from roll max. 60 cycles/min, film ...

          No price
          England, United Kingdom
        • 1998 Hugo Beck Flexo 400 S Foil wrapping machine with heating tunne

          • Manufacturer: Beck

            foil wrapping machine with heating tunne hugo beck flexo 400 s used machine hugo beck foil wrapping machine, model flexo 400 s - product dimensions height 2-150 mm / width 55-400 mm / length 80 - unlimited - spee...

            $6,976 (USD)
            North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
          • 2008 Mosca SONIXS-TR QS24373

            • Manufacturer: Mosca

              mechanical speed max: 45 cycles/min infeed width max: 600 mm infeed height max: 590 mm

              No price
              Aachen, Germany
            • 2009 BVM Brunner SC6530E & SP6030W RA39674

              • Manufacturer: BVM Brunner

                the bvm stretch banders use an upper and lower film roll. in conjunction with a film stretching device a tight film sleeve is produced around the product. the film is stretched by means of rubber wind-back roller...

                No price
                Aachen, Germany
              • DEM C 5820 00770

                • Manufacturer: DEM

                  shrink wrapping. passage width: 49cm, height of the oven: 25 cm heat shrinking machine. oven width max: 49 cm, height max: 25 cm dimension: 270 x 110 x h 155 cm.500kg

                  No price
                  Domérat, France
                • 1998 Hugo Beck Flexo 400 S

                  • Manufacturer: Beck

                    hugo beck foil wrapping machine, model flexo 400 s - product dimensions height 2-150 mm / width 55-400 mm / length 80 - unlimited - speed about 60 cycles per min at v = 20 m / min - including input conveyor with ...

                    $6,905 (USD)
                    North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
                  • MINIPACK-TORRE S.p.A. - Italia RP55

                    • Manufacturer: MINIPACK-TORRE S.p.A. - Italia

                      rp line chamber machine wit hood for sealing and shrinking in only one operation (without tunnel) new look steel body: solidity and accessibility. new ergonomic features frontal control interface: intuitive progr...

                      No price
                      Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
                    • 2002 MSK MSK 280i

                      • Manufacturer: MSK

                        pallet height: min 300 mm / max 1,800 mm pallet material: wood pallet weight: min 200 kg / max 2500 kg power: 60 pallets / hour film dimensions: thickness: 80 - 180μ roller dm: max 1,000 mm core inner-dm: 76 mm r...

                        $27,297 (USD)
                      • SLEEVEshrink COMBI basic sleever (incl. tunnel)

                            combination of sleeve packer / film band roller and shrink tunnel for film wrapping and shrinking of large products. semi automatic infeed of products, automatic transport into tunnel. - technical specifications:...

                            No price
                            Reinbek, Germany

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