• 2016 Farma 6.3-10 G2 crane

    $15,487 - Horsens, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Farma
    • Capacity: 10

    new farma lumber trailer with crane that reaches 6.3 meters and lifts 445 kg at max. range. crane with 3 point suspension and can be easily removed and placed on a tractor trailer loads 10 tons and...

  • 2016 FARMA C 6.3G2 Forest crane

    $8,797 - Wildtech GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    forestry crane farma 6.3m incl. gripper and rotator cross lever control supports, other grippers, rotary lever control etc. also available various crane sizes in stock

  • 2016 4.6 G2 Forestry crane FARMA

    $7,814 - Wildtech GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    crane farma 4.6m with three-point boom, little used claw lever control -greater mm -3to rotator