• Volumetric Liquid Filler, No. of Heads: 8 #4482

    No price - Sydney, Australia

      volumetric liquid filler, no. of heads: 8 unit is an 8 head inline stainless steel piston filler.header tank is electrically heated to suit viscous ller was designed to deposit small volumes approx...

    • Volumetric Liquid Filler, Bingham, 12-STEG #1865

      No price - Sydney, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Bingham

      volumetric liquid filler, brand: bingham, model: 12-steg unit is a 12 head rotary piston filler. material: stainless steel

    • Volumetric Liquid Filler, Simonazzi, Veloce-30 #1868

      No price - Sydney, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Simonazzi

      volumetric liquid filler, brand: simonazzi, model: veloce-30 unit is a 30 head rotary vacuum filler. it was previously capable of 6000 bottles/hour at 750ml glass bottles. year: 1982(approx filling...

    • Volumetric Liquid Filler, Evergreen, LQLHT-HF, 1Lt #3250

      No price - Sydney, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Evergreen

      volumetric liquid filler, brand: evergreen, model: lqlht-hf, capacity: 1lt unit is a 6 head 2 lane cable top cardboard carton forming, filling sealing machine, fully automatic. speed: 200 cartons p...

    • Volumetric Liquid Filler, Makran, 8 Head Flow Meter Control #102

      No price - Sydney, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Makran

      volumetric liquid filler, brand: makran, model: 8 head flow meter control, capacity: 5lt unit is a stainless steel inline 8 head filler consisting of two header tanks enabling it to fill two differ...

    • HUNTER 525

      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: HUNTER

      this hunter 525 twin head volumetric piston filler is used for liquids,creams and pastes. this particular unit was used for heavy syrups. a measured quantity of liquid is drawn from hopper or bulk ...

    • FOGG FGA-5600

      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: FOGG

      this fully stainless steel gravimetric filling was filling fruit juices. it can be used on glass or plastic bottles. it was filling 1 litre glass and 1.5 litre glass and pet bottles at speeds of 18...

    • GASTI FILL12461N

      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: GASTI

      this gasti double lane high speed machine is in excellent condition according to the sellers, and was running in a dairy factory until mid 2005. machine is presently set for 70mm diameter tubs. reb...


      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Pfaudler

      the pfaudler rotary piston filler, is an efficient and simple filler for filling viscous liquid products. this rotary unit has a 6 head filling turret which is fed by a 300mm dia x 440mm deep centr...

    • KING Technofill KT 340

      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: King

      this bench top king model technofill kt 340 is designed for medium viscous liquids. (not suitable for heavy viscous or abrasive liquids) this unit was used in a cosmetics/toiletries manufacturing p...