No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: ALL-FILL

    1-used all-fill model dha-400 dual head automatic powder filling machine, serial number 109075.  last used for filling powder protein, filler has cerebus control panel, and stainless steel cabinetr...

  • COZZOLI Filler/Plugger

    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: Cozzoli

    1-used cozzoli series vr2s six piston straight line stainless steel automatic filling and plugging machine, serial number vr2s-6-81.  rated up to 180 containers per minute, current pistons are 120 ...

  • ALINE TP-30

    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: ALINE

    1-used aline heat sealing corporation "jaws"tp-30 tabletop semi-automatic plastic tube sealer, s/n 21173-1.  capable of up to 50 seals per minute, depending on tube diameter and operator's dexterit...

  • R A JONES Pouch King

    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: Jones

    2-used r a jones pouch king automatic horizontal form/fill/seal machines.  rated up to 250 pouches per minute, machines last producing pouches of approx. 4 in. x 6 in. and approx. 2 in. x 3-1/4 in....

  • Single Piston Air Operated Tabletop Filler, Stainless Steel

    No price - Bohemia, NY

      1-used tabletop semi-automatic single piston filler model svf1-240, s/n 20110704.  this air operated filler can operate up to 20 containers per minute with approx. 16 in. diameter conical product h...

    • ACASI Four Piston

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: ACASI

      1-used acasi automatic four head piston filler.  last used in food production, machine has approximately 32 ounce size pistons and is equipped with 2 sets of nozzles (3/4 in. diameter and 1- 1/4 in...

    • WORLD CUP 12-32

      No price - Bohemia, NY Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: WORLD CUP

      1-used world cup model 12-32 rotary cup filling/sealing machine, serial number m1600.  rated up to 40 indexes per minute, this twelve pocket filler can handle cups up to 4.75 in. diameter. presentl...

    • COLBORNE Rotary Pump Filler

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: COLBORNE

      1-used colborne positive displacement rotary pump filler equipped with jabsco "hy-line" pump model lh54h-1890.   pump mounted on portable stainless steel stand with casters and has approx. 22 in. x...

    • SIMPLEX Twin Piston

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: SIMPLEX

      1-used simplex model"t" automatic twin head piston filler, s/n 4202.  rated up to approx. 40 containers per minute, filler has stainless steel cylinders measuring approx.  3 in. diameter x 14 in. l...


      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: PACKAGING DYNAMICS

      1-used packaging  dynamics model pf-16 stainless steel air operated single piston filler, s/n m15129.  this foot switch activated filler is equipped with approx. 2-3/4 in. diameter x 10 in. long st...