• 2003 Handtmann VF 612 Vacuum fillerRelated goods

    No price - Myre, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Handtmann

    man. year: 2003 condition: overhauled the handtmann vf 612 vacuum fillers is the ideal solution for medium-scale producers who focus on performance and attach great importance to product quality an...

  • 2013 Portion cutter Marelec Portio 3

    No price - Myre, Norway

      man. year: 2013 country of origin: belgium high-speed machine for cutting products into portions of pre-set weight and length.  designed for cutting fish fillets, a whole fish, meat and poultry mea...

    • 2005 Kilia Meister Plus 65 - CutterRelated goods

      No price - Myre, Norway
      • Manufacturer: Kilia

      man. year: 2005 condition: good, working cutter meister plus from kilia is one of the most competitive machines in the market. particularly deep bowl shape and rounded lid allows you to boot from 2...

    • Inject Star P20 - Bone press

      No price - Myre, Norway
      • Manufacturer: Star

      condition: working filling chamber: approx. 6 liter capacity: 300 kg/h power: 8,8 kw voltage: 380 v/50 hz hydraulic pressure: up to 315 bar dimensions (lxwxh): 1780 x 830 x 1755 mm weight: 1630 kg ...

    • 2014 Treif Lion - Portion CutterRelated goods

      No price - Myre, Norway

        man. year: 2014 condition: excellent treif lion is suitable for boneless and bone-in products, with 200 cuts per minute and a large in-feed chamber, the lion slicing and portioning machine combines...

      • 2000 Norfo B35 Portion Cutter

        No price - Myre, Norway

          norfo b35 portion cutter man. year: 2000 condition: very good the machine is used for portioning fish fillets and whole fish. the product is placed on the conveyer, which speeds  up to 400 mm / sec...

        • Laska 500 - Cutter

          No price - Myre, Norway

            condition: excellent laska cutter is suitable for large quantities to be processed, but also for smaller batches. both fresh meat and pre-chopped frozen meat can be processed, and rind emulsions ca...

          • 2004 Tumbler system Inject Star MAGNUM CSL 4600Related goods

            No price - Myre, Norway
            • Manufacturer: Magnum

            man. year: 2004 condition: excellent container volume: 4600 l massaging capacity: 3200 kg regardless of whether the frozen meat is in pieces or in the form of blocks, system offers the gentlest, ti...

          • 1990 Koppens 200 Batter and breading line Related goods

            No price - Myre, Norway

              man. year: 1990's condition: good, working this batter-breading line from koppens has a belt width of 200 mm and is commonly used for coating fresh, frozen or formed products with traditional bread...

            • 1997 Koppens PRM 400 MEG Flour PredusterRelated goods

              No price - Myre, Norway

                man. year: 1997 condition: good, working model: prm 400 meg flour preduster belt width: 400 mm mesh width: 8 mm adjustable speed with air knife power: 4 kw voltage: 3 x 380 v \ 50 hz dimensions (lx...