• 2005 Marel 4700 Fish processing machines

    No price - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Marel

    fish processing machines marel 4700 used machine scanveagt grader still in production, 8 gates, 2 accelerator conveyor.

  • 2008 Marelec M4/10B Fish processing machines

    No price - Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Marelec

    fish processing machines marelec m4/10b used machine marelec grader, 10bins, year 2008. excellent condition.

  • 2000 Ziegra 5000 Flake ice machines

    No price - Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Ziegra

    flake ice machines ziegra 5000 used machine flake ice production machine. in excellent order. video available

  • 2003 Nock CB495

    No price - Santiago dos Velhos, Portugal Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Nock

    nock cb495 used machine features and application range cutting width (operational width): 400 mm blade diameter: 200 / 300 mm conveyor speed: 18 m/min economical circular blade cutting machine with...

  • 2003 Treif Jaguar 1100 Cold-meat slicing machines

    No price - Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Treif

    cold-meat slicing machines treif jaguar 1100 used machine treif cutter in excellent running condition.

  • 2003 MHS Slicer 1100/24B Meat processing machines

    $5,292 - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: MHS

    meat processing machines mhs slicer 1100/24b used machine meat, meat rolls, chops,bacon, roasts, sausages,meats, cheeses, fish. exact slice thikness thanks to to a constant speed and anti-friction ...

  • 2005 Maja ESM 3550 meat dereading

    $5,821 - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Maja

    meat dereading maja esm 3550 used machine maja dereading machine the esm 3550 is the ideal solution for the manual derinding of round meat pieces. with the version esm 3550 / 1 ham and shoulder can...

  • 2003 Treif Jaguar CE 1100 Cutlet cutters

    No price - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Treif

    cutlet cutters treif jaguar ce 1100 used machine a treif fox slicer chopper ideal for chopping bacon or boned products like pork chops lamb chops machine is from 2003 has been used, and is in excel...

  • 2007 Scanveagt scanbatcher 5414-2L-AD

    No price - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Scanveagt

    scanvaegt scanwatcher 5414-2l-ad used machine multihead weigher year 2007 all ss, in operation.

  • 2005 HOLAC Sect 28 CT

    No price - Portugal
    • Manufacturer: HOLAC

    holac sect 28 ct used machine holac slicer and portioner ideal fir meat (bone in meat ) , chease or other products. programable, high output. photos and video available.