• 2009 MKM 17005

    • Manufacturer: MKM

      garbage truck with rear loading mkm 17005 garbage truck mkm 17005 on the base chassis of the ford otosan ckk1 (cargo) id: a3002 year of manufacture - 2009 the organization - the manufacturer - open society "r...

      $23,620 (USD)
      Moskva, Russia
    • 2007 KO 53229 KO-427-03

      • Manufacturer: КО
      • Mileage: 71530

      garbage truck ko-427-03 on chassis kamaz 53229 high degree of compaction of garbage (up to 6), allowing to load into the body depending on its capacity and the initial density of solid domestic waste from 70 to 1...

      $17,808 (USD)
      Dzerzhinsky, Russia
    • 2010 KO 65115

      • Manufacturer: КО
      • Mileage: 195534

      garbage truck with back loading ko-440v1-01 is designed for mechanized collection of solid household waste from metal and plastic containers of all types, with capacity up to 1,1 m3, their compaction, transportat...

      $25,200 (USD)
      Dzerzhinsky, Russia
    • 2011 MAZ 5337A2

      • Manufacturer: МАЗ
      • Mileage: 70928

      garbage truck with rear loading of body mkz-3402 on chassis maz-5337a2 is designed for mechanized loading of solid household waste from metal and plastic standard containers in volume: 0.12, 0.24, 0.8 and 1.1 cub...

      $22,680 (USD)
      Dzerzhinsky, Russia
    • Garbage truck BAW Fenix ​​L 33460

          the body capacity is 9.4 cubic meters. m. the body of the garbage truck is a welded construction of a closed type, with an opening rear side, with the possibility of lifting and tipping the garbage. the unloading...

          No price
          Ufa, Russia

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