• 1978 Klin 5M161 Gear Shaper

    • Manufacturer: Klin

      manufactured by klin (russia) year of manufacture 1978 max. work piece diameter, mm 1250 min. work piece diameter, mm 160 module 12 spindle stroke, mm 200 spindle double strokes range, spm 10...212 spindle taper,...

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      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • 1986 Russia 5B161 Gear Shaper

      • Manufacturer: Russia

        external and internal straight teeth φ160-1250 max module:12 distance from cutter axis to the table axis:60-630 max toothing width:160 number of teeth:12-200 distance from slider's face to the surface:150-550

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        Vilnius, Lithuania
      • Stanko 5C276P Gear Shaper

        • Manufacturer: Stanko

          max. work piece diameter:φ500 module of gears 10 max. width of ring gear: 80 number of teeth in article 10 - 15

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          Vilnius, Lithuania
        • 1986 Komsomolec 53A50 Gear Miller

          • Manufacturer: Miller

            max turning dia:φ500 module:8 max ver dia:φ360 max milling dia:φ180

            Vilnius, Lithuania
          • 1988 - 5A342P Gear Hobber

                manufactured by kolomna plant (russia) year of manufacture 1988 max. work piece diameter, mm 2000 max. work piece diameter with tail-stock, mm 1200 min. work piece diameter, mm 200 max. vertical moving of milling...

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                Vilnius, Lithuania
              • 1981 Schiess RFW-16 Gear Hobber

                • Manufacturer: Schiess

                  мax. gear diameter, mm 300-1800 max. helix angle, deg. 45 max. module 40 max. distance between faceplate and tailstock, mm 5800 max. workpiece weight, tons 40 max. travel of hob saddle, mm 3950 4 lunettes, change...

                • 1978 Hamai 120 Gear Hobber

                  • Manufacturer: Hamai

                    gear to hob:spur helical worm worm wheel ratchet sprocket serration etc max work dia:φ120 max module:2 have 3 units(1975-1978)

                    Vilnius, Lithuania
                  • 1965 kolomna 5363, High Precision Gear Hobber

                    • Manufacturer: Kolomna

                      diameter of workpiece:-min: 800 mm -max: 3200 mm max workpiece height: 1600 mm max workpiece weight: 25000 kg max corner of an inclination of a tooth: 45 degree no of hobbing teeth: -min: 80 -max: 1000 max modul:...

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                      Vilnius, Lithuania