• Max Rober E8 Gear Shaper

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    • Staehely gear hobber

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      • 5B375 Horizontal Gear Hobber

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          max. workpiece diameter: 1500 mm.  threading length: 4000mm.  max detail  length: 5000 mm. max. module: 40/50 weight of detail, kg  30000 max module, mm: worm mill  40 disk mill  50 max. inclinatio...

        • SCHIESS RFW16 gear hobber

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          • Manufacturer: Schiess

          workpiece diameter, mm 300-1800 - max. helix angle, deg. 45 - max. module 80 - distance between faceplate and tailstock, mm 5800 - max. workpiece weight, tn 40 - traverse of hob saddle, mm 3950

        • Gear Hobber 5A370

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          • Bevel gear hobbing machine for spiral bevel gear set model 5S270P

            No price - Saratov, Russia

              manufacturer: stanko accuracy: p (particular, high) per gost 8-82 (iso9000) condition: the gear hobbing machines for spiral bevel gears models 5s270p are in working condition and meet manual re...

            • Gear planing machine model 5A250P

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                machine - universal, designed for cutting spur bevel gears and used in various operating conditions, but is particularly suitable for small batch and unit production.

              • Bevel gear hobbing machine for spiral bevel gears MODUL model ZFTKK 500x10

                No price - Saratov, Russia
                • Manufacturer: Modul

                manufacturer: modul description: gear wheels which can be made on these machines #bevel gear# are used e.g. in gearboxes, as components of motor vehicles, etc. bevel sets of gears with curved teeth...

              • Gear hobbing machine model 5K32A

                No price - Saratov, Russia

                  manufacturer: stanko accuracy: n (normal) module, mm: 10 | machine weight, kg: 7400 | table diameter, mm: 630 | workpiece diameter, mm: 800 | distance between the cutter axis and arbor, mm: 210-590...

                • Gear hobbing machine model 5K328A

                  No price - Saratov, Russia

                    accuracy: n | module, mm: 12 | machine weight, kg: 14000 | table diameter, mm: 935 | workpiece diameter, mm: 1250 | distance between cutter axis and the table, mm: 230-880 | distance between the c...