• Buehler Vanguard 2000 61108

    $11,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Buehler

    fully automatic sample preparation system. fully automated allowing dramatic increases in productivity and consistency. microprocessor based with 50 method memory. user friendly, icon based, color ...

  • Struers Labopol-5 61006

    $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Struers

    polisher grinder with laboforce-1 specimen mover. the variable rotational speed of between 50 to 500 rpm is controlled by an electronic servo system that keeps the speed constant. 8-inch diameter w...

  • Logitech PM4 61246

    $9,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Logitech

    precision lapping and polishing machine. all functions are controlled from the touch panel and displayed on individual lcds. plate speed is variable from 0 to 70 rpm. main drive timer can be set to...

  • Retsch PM 400 90123

    $12,000 - Freehold Township, NJ Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Retsch

    planetary ball mill. planetary ball mills are used wherever the highest degree of fineness is required. the extremely high centrifugal forces of planetary ball mills result in very high pulverizati...

  • Lapmaster 24E 60595

    $7,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Lapmaster

    precision open face 24-inch polisher. 24-inch diameter plate. two motorized roller bearing yoke assemblies. no tool holders or conditioning rings. 208v, 1 ph, 60 hz.

  • 1962 Brown & Sharp #1

    $9,500 - Harrison, NJ Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Brown & Sharp

    swing over table .................................. 10" distance between centers, nominal ................. 20" distance between centers, maximum ............. 22-3/4" grinding wheel motor ...........

  • Buehler Duomet II 59657

    $3,250 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Buehler

    belt surfacer coarse grinder. tabletop model. recessed grinding tables with belt guards. grinding area: 4 in. x 9 in. built-in flushing systems and stainless steel sinks. water flow control knob. d...

  • Buehler 48-1572-BAX-R 58590

    $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Buehler

    dual wheel polishing table. two 8 in. dia. polishing wheels mounted in a table. variable speed: high or low settings. swing-out water spigots and drain. 115v, 60 hz, 12a.

  • Advanced Imaging Inc. ROBO 4 55510

    $6,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Advanced Imaging Inc.

    15 in. polishing system. pc controller 3.5 in. floppy. 15 in. dia. polishing plate with 8 in. dia. center hole. swing out polishing jig. single ring type holder c shaped. 120v, 60 hz.

  • Leco PR-35 56580

    $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Leco

    automatic dual mount dual mold pneumatic sample mounting press. two sample mounting presses in one package. mold diameter: 2 in. thermostatically controlled heater with integral water cooler. direc...