• 2010 Japa El. vedmaskin Tilhengermontert

    $6,050 - Øvre Vats, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    electric vedmaskin, trailer mounted splitting force 5.6 tons with conveyor belt for 230v voltage

  • 2011 JAPA 700 Wood Processor

    $6,129 - Pyle, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    tr 5.6t wood processor, 26cm max diameter, 58cm max length, 700 tct blade, in very good condition and can be seen working. £5,000

  • 2016 Japa Vedmaskin

    No price - Växjö, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    japa 235 firewood machine is the perfect machine for "kamin- / stove users." 3-ton splitting power, cutting diameter of 300 mm, 450 mm billet length, 2-part splitting wedge, 260 kg. transported b...

  • Japa Japa 110

    $2,281 - Kajaani, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    japa® 110 - robust diameter of a robust timber japa®110 hydraulihalkaisija performs an instant from the trees, which are almost impossible to split with an ax, for example. japa®110 hydraulihalkais...

  • 2009 Japa 375 PRO

    $9,430 - Herlin-le-Sec, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    pro model version 3 points hydraulic unit power splitting 8t cutting diameter 375mm hydraulic power mats 2m30 evacuation conveyor 4m20 sales for customer account

  • Japa JA110TRHN

    $2,285 - Kuopio, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    offer! 1895.00 € the machine make up to one meter (1 m) in length and clean säleettömiä firewood. the machine is equipped as standard splits for 2/4 part of the blade, which is adjusting to choose ...

  • Japa JAPA700TR056T

    $6,839 - Kuopio, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    offer! 5500.00 € trees are split by means of a hydraulic cylinder 5,6t 2-, 4- or 6 section. the splitting blade height is adjusted by a light-action jalkapolkimella.kone is equipped with first-clas...

  • Japa JAPA235BE

    $4,240 - Kuopio, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    wood being split up. diameter 23cm the majority splitting length 33cm weight 260kg splitting 3t discharge chute length 1m internal combustion engine 6,5hv

  • Japa JAPA305TRPLUS

    $6,262 - Kuopio, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    wood being split up. diameter 30cm maximum splitting length 45cm weight 490kg splitting 5,6t the discharge conveyor length 3,8m power source: tractor pto shaft, 400r / min the chain saw machine, fe...

  • Japa 375 Z

    $10,334 - Todesfelde, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Japa

    as a specialist in schleswig-holstein / hamburg, we offer you the following automatic sawing machines: japa 375 basic - used - presenter pto drive cutting diameter up to 37 cm splitting force 8...