• Avant machinery lawn mowers

    • Manufacturer: Avant

      low-loaders opening tool preferably new high-quality, ce approved domestic appliances warranty machines saatatavilla the following machines: avant, multione, giant, agromatic, schäfer, weidermann -hiekoitus bucke...

      Pori, Finland
    • 2017 Husqvarna Lawn mowers

      • Manufacturer: Husqvarna

        welcome to choose your right to pihamaallesi suitable cutter! sales of spare parts for maintenance

        No price
        Saarijärvi, Finland
      • Klippo lawn mowers Mulchers

        • Manufacturer: Klippo

          silppuamistekniikalla equipped with a lawn mower smart, eco-friendly and "lazy" technique. the english word "mulcher" means to use the chopper into pieces to grinding. silppuamistekniikka is, the blade of the enc...

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          Kuopio, Finland
        • Toro 6500D Mower

          • Manufacturer: Toro

            toro 6500-d mower. four-wheel drive, powerful diesel engine. a fully operational but the left side of the page of the blade unit is missing. air filter borrowed from another machine, be obtained prior to use! ---...

            Alavus, Finland
          • 2017 MultiOne lawn mower 130

            • Manufacturer: Multione

              we offer domestic bio-multione lawn mowers or small loaders avant! found in either a 150 or 130cm wide. prices: 130cm and 150cm 2390.00 2590.00 sis.alv.24%. cutters arranged financing with no down payment, monthl...

              Oulu, Finland
            • Stiga lawn mower 600 Carden

              • Manufacturer: Stiga

                sold ride-on stiga's mission carden 600 mower varma engines from briggs pull start (no battery worries) yhdelläterällä .leikkaa good job bearings condition freshly remodeled front and rear wheels mounted on the s...

                No price
                Alavus, Finland
              • 2012 Stiga Park Compact 16 HST FINE VAT

                • Manufacturer: Stiga

                  traction: 2 wd | accessories: it stiga par compact 16 (introduced in 2012) authentic frame-controlled front mower,

                  Kauhava, Finland
                • 2017 Stiga ZT 5132T SAUVAOHJ ASK FOR OFFER

                  • Manufacturer: Stiga

                    special: new / unused | traction: 2 wd | accessories: here new stiga zt 5132t rod controlled cutter. turns on the spot, | cutter type: sivullepurkava

                    Kauhava, Finland
                  • 2017 Stiga Park Pro 540 IX ASK FOR OFFER

                    • Manufacturer: Stiga

                      by far the best combination of raw power, versatility and complete resolution. the new body, the device is extremely robust, allowing for excellent stability and grip even on steep slopes. genuine articulated ste...

                      Kauhava, Finland
                    • 2017 Stiga Tornado 7118 HWS ASK FOR OFFER

                      • Manufacturer: Stiga

                        traction: 2 wd | accessories: for this stiga tractor new tornado 7118 hws,

                        Kauhava, Finland