United States
$48,200 USD
KLO 79/02/E12/S3


Needs new track pads on portion of track and has been idle for a few years, but has been watched over meticulously by head of maintenance before taking off-line.
Condition info:
(1-5) As Is Condition [5]
Current status:
480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. repl. cost:
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Edgebanding thickness 0.4 - 12 mm and 10 - 65 mm in height, min. workpiece width 85 mm, panel thickness 7 - 60 mm, 50 mm panel overhang, profile depth top 20 mm and 15 mm for bottom; adjustable infeed fence w/digital readout.

-- Line control with HOMATIC "2000" controller features: Real-time "OS9" operating system, functions in Windows environment; w/PC compatible keyboard, 10.4" LCD flat panel display and Ethernet net work connection. Stores working programs and controls functions of workstations, allows fault diagnostic and more; storage of (40) working programs, each with (160) functions for remote control of processing units.

-- NC 16 Operator interface with storage of upto 40 working programs, each with upto 160 functions. the system is serial interface to IBM PC (MS DOS) compatable.

-- 80 mm Wide feed track w/central chain track lubrication, 5 HP feed drive, variable feed speed 39 - 78 FPM; passline height 950 mm; powered raise-and-lower of upper pressure beam with powered "double wide" compound V-belt type holddown.

-- Equipped with: Adjustable infeed fence; Chip conveyor belt. Top & bottom solvent spray application unit (model "2929"); top & bottom inlay scoring unit with (2) 1.2 HP - 12,000 RPM non-tiltable motors, tracing from top & side.

-- (2) 4.5 HP - 9,000 RPM Tiltable milling/profiling heads with selectable rotation switches (1st one jump, 2nd one fixed), SIKO digitals for horizontal & vertical adjustments, electronic frequency invertor for control of motor speed & braking (model "UF 12"); air blast nozzle for cleaning panel edges.

-- "Quick Melt" Glue system "QE 34" w/pre-melt granular hopper and with reversible DC drive for glue application roller to either substrate or banding material; heated glue roller and automatic sensor to control melting quantity.

-- Model "HL 26" strip & coil feed edgebanding magazine for max. 3 mm thick coil banding and strip feed for up to 14 mm thickness, 13° infeed angle for strip feed.

-- (1) Large 200 mm dia. drive roll and a 4-position revolver pressure section with (3) sets of softforming pressure rolls (for G-profiles) and (1) set of straight idle pressure rolls; cooling blower at end of pressure zone and air jet for cleaning panel overhang area. - Top "Pizza" knife for inlay profile w/vertical & horizontal tracing.

-- Workstations: End trimming unit with (2) 0.6 HP - 12,000 RPM motors, pneumatic selection of chamfer or straight cutting; features manual lateral setting for max. 28 mm softforming depth.

-- Top & bottom flush trimming unit with (2) 1.4 HP - 12,000 RPM non-tiltable motors (model "3209"); top & bottom chamfer trimming unit with (2) 0.6 HP - 12,000 RPM motors, tiltable 0° to 30° (model "3216").

-- Top & bottom profile trim units for leading & trailing edge, (4) 0.6 HP - 12,000 RPM motors, up to 4 mm edge thickness, with quick-change device (model "FF 12").

-- All trim station motors are 200 Cy HF and equipped w/electronic frequency inverter for control of motor s