2000 RHODES 3000 SL TOW

2000 RHODES 3000 SL TOW CART FINISHING SYSTEM [FS-010288] in United States

United States
$239,160 USD
3000 SL


Top-of-the line system built by some of the best in the busines; ...ready for a new home!
Condition info:
(6-8) Very good condition [6]
Current status:
380 V, 50 Cy, 3 Ph.
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Furniture Finishing System That offers a Complete tow cart coveryor,9 spray booths,(1) Multi pass oven with (7) pass openings,(4) Air makeups, (1) sanding booth.

-- Specifications: Electrical- 380V /3Ph / 50Hz, Lighting 220 V /1 Ph, Fuel - Propane, Variable line speed 8 - 20 FPM with optimal line speed of 15 FPM, Approximate exhausted CFM's of equipment - 282,600.

-- Rhodes Tow Conveyor Series "No. 3000" on floor mounted tow conveyor. - Includes: 2,165 Linear feet track, (4) drives and Drives units are calculated based on an average load weight per cart which is not to exceed 150 lb average (400 lb max load on an individual cart), (374) carts with a pallet size of 35-1/2" x 84"; cart height is 16" top-of-deck, ware height is 84" and average ware weight is to be 150 Lbs; system is designed for carts to be on 12' centers variable design speed from 8-20 FPM.

-- Tow Line Conveyor parts layout: (206) 10' Track section & Tabs, (18) 90° Turns, (4) Heavy Duty Drive Units, (1) Automatic Oiler, (1) Pin Oiler, (2225 lineal feet) Calibated Drive Chain, (16) Accumulation Exit & Entry, (18) Delay Station, (9) Delay Station (Close Pack), (4) Electric Air Post, (1) D4 Control Panel for 4 drive, (374) Carts with bumper bars & 35-1/2" x 72" Tubbular frames.

-- Nine (9) Rhodes Model # F2410 25'-0" long X 10'8" high X 10' 2" deep Dry Filter Back Spray Booths.

-- (2) 34" dia. 6-blade Exhaust Fans, 30,000 Total CFM @ 1/2" S.P., each with a 5 HP T.E.F.C. motor 380V/50Hz. 3 Phase, Light fixtures Six (6) Class 1, Division 2, (4) Tube, (70) Exhaust Cells 20" x 20" frames.

-- One (1) Multi-Pass Oven 48'-0" Long x 76' 0" Wide x 12'-3" High with Seven (7) Passes Gas Fired Oven using Propain Gas. Temperature Operatiing 110° F / Maximum 125° F, Method of Heating Direct gas fired heater.

-- Heating cpacity Three (3) 2,500,000 BTU/HR Max., Heatijng Unit Shop-insulated gas heater unit, utilixing backward incloined, single width fan designed to operate at the temperatures involved and the static pressure required. Burner equipment utilixed is of the integral blower type with perforated mixing cone. Dampered fresh air intake is provided on the heater 25,000 CFM supply fan complete with 10 HP TEFC peremiun efficiency motors. Distribution duct to include adjustable slide dampers for balanced airflow.

-- Circulation provided by (24) 15,000 CFM propeller fans each with a 3 HP TEFC premium efficiency motors and variable speed sheaves. Fans located on top of oven.

-- Ignition = Automatic, manual selection, Purge Time = Approximately 20 minutes, Safety Equipment Neccessary safety control for IRI approval will include flame failure protection of the flame monitoring type utilizing a IV scanner, safety gas shut-off valve, blocking calve, vent valve, high/low gas pressure swithch and pilot with solenoid.

-- Control = Honeywell UDC with automatic modulation control to maintain plus or minus 10 defrees of set point temperature. - Exhaust system consists of (7) 1,800 CFM exhu