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2009 Terra Terra-Jet 2608 E
United States
$100,500 (USD)
JET Tools drilling equipment
Terra-Jet 2608 E


(60) Pieces of 1.5 Meter long drill rods with API 44 and a diameter of 55 mm.
The Following Items are Included: (1) Universal C/60 Directional Head (1) 15 Ton Rotating Swivel (4) Chain Lock of 125 kN (12.5 tons) (2) Chain Lock of 200 kN (20 tons) (1) Adapter API 44 to API 55 (7) Short Pulling Chain (1) Backreamer 160 mm for 150 mm pipes or smaller (1) Backreamer 215 mm for 180 mm pipes or smaller, with API-44 (1) Backreamer 260 mm for 225 mm pipes or smaller, with API-44 (1) Backreamer 300 mm for 250 mm pipes or smaller, with API-55 (1) Casing 0 175/165 mm, 345 mm long (1) Casing 0 220/210 mm, 340 mm long (1) Casing 0 260/250 mm, 340 mm long (3) Expander Chuck for 63 mm outer diameter PE pipes (1) Expander Chuck for 110 mm outer diameter PE pipes (1) Arched Spanner to disassemble the 63 mm expander chuck (1) Arched Spanner to disassemble the 110 mm expander chuck
All maintenance on this equipment was carried out by seller. Engine oil has been changed, break appart system jaws exchanged recently. All functions checked and working, hydraulic parameters are at 100%.
Mixing systems:
Separate 2000 liter tank (528 gallons) for Bentonite or Ejactomer with support plate for (2) bags of Bentonite each 25 kg (55 lbs). The Bentonite can be easily filled into the funnel mixing pump with 800 l/min (210 gpm) injector (Venturi hopper). 2000 liters (528 gallons) of drilling fluid are mixed with Bentonite within 6 minutes high pressure drilling fluid pump of FMC. Maximum Drilling Fluid Volume: 100 l/min (26 gpm) Maximum Drilling Fluid Pressure: 70 bar (1000 psi)
Additional info:
Equipment Information: -8 Tons of Thrust and Pullback, and 2600 Nm of torque (or in American Units: 24,000 Lbs thrust and pullback and 1900 Ft-Lbs of Torque) -For bores in lengths up to 150 m (500 ft) and backream diameters up to 420 mm (16.5") (depending on ground conditions) -Unit can be started from the surface or from pits with a length of 3.00 m (10 ft) -(2) Separate circuits for thrust and rotation with ADBS (automatic drilling and backream system) -"Hydro-chain-drive" (highest efficiency rate, low wear, high dirt resistance) -Hydraulic Break-apart System -Automatic length compensation during (un-)screwing of the drill rods -Quick gear for fast drill rod change -(2) Hydraulic support cylinders, which can be operated separately -Break-apart-system can be moved backwards, this allows to dock in the backreamer and the new HDPE pipe after pullback operation DIMENSIONS (without tank) (L x H x W): 1.45 m x 0.75 m x 1.00 m 4.8 ft x 2.5 ft x 3.3 ft DIMENSIONS (with tank) (L x H x W): 2.25 m x 0.72 m x 1.80 m or 7.4 ft x 2.4 ft x 5.9 ft WEIGHT (with empty tank): 345 kg or 759 lbs This Equipment is Located in Europe. If you are an overseas client and you would like to see if this equipment would be cost effective to have shipped to your country, please contact our office and we will provide you a free shipping quote.
Locating systems:
Radiodetection I-Track Locating Equipment including Sonde.
Hdd drills


2009 TERRA Terra-Jet 2608 E Pit Launch HDD System.

Seller Notes: This equipment is in Excellent Shape. This Unit is Like-New with 555 hours only! Perfect working condition, clean and ready for work!