Zgorzelec, Poland
$20,757 USD
Düngerstreugeräte N272 14T 13,8m3 TOP-AGRO Best quality2016


500/60-22,5 16PR
Tandem chassis
14.00 t
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150-500 € Depending on plz.
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150-550 € Depending on Plz.
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150-500 € Depending on the number of persons,
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VAT number in Germany or UID in Austria).
Loading capacity:
13.00 m³
Spreading material:
Permissible towing speed:
30 km / h
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N272 / 2 - 14t
Spreader 14t; Tandem suspension on parabolic buffers; vertical inclined forward 2-rotor adapter; each drum to prevent the vibrations balanced; Made from quality steel replaceable, bolt rotor teeth; Tug port on the bottom, adjustable HITCH-hook with the possibility of switching to top; PTO with overrunning; hydraulic lifting rear door; in the lower part with a rubber spring against shaking or conclusion of the transported material; the adapter protective net is automatically mitgehoben when lifting the rear wall; Machine control via a 2-section hydraulic system (or an extra charge 1 section conditioning - additional distribution) loading height (distance between the upper edge of the wall and the ground) 2780mm.
Technical parameters:
Type ME N272 / 2
Payload 14000 kg
Cargo space 13.8 m3
Box length 5100 mm
Overall length 7400 mm
Compartment heights 1450 mm
Overall height 3200 mm
Total mass 4850 kg
Width of the load compartment 2000 mm
Overall width 2405 mm
Width of the scatter of 8000 mm
Tractor power 90PS mind.
Lift the rear wall - Hydraulic
Pedestrian Setting 650/1010 mm up / down
Suspension - buffered tandem axle
Adapter - vertically, two drum (option: four drum)
Bottom feeder - hydraulic drive
Hook - with a rubber element buffered drawbar
Allowable tractor speed: 30 km / h.
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
B safety mark
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Transport EN: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transportation AT: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transport CH: 150-550 € Dependent upon Plz.
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