Zgorzelec, Poland
$6,723 USD
Ackerwalze Cambridgewalz Schwer TYTAN 4,5m bis 7,5m BEST
Working Width:
4.50 m


Furrow press
2,040 kg
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Working width:
4.50 m
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The initial rolling is crucial for the economic and tillage has become well established in the effective tillage.
The Cambridgewalze TYTAN guarantees a fine crumbly and rückverfestigtete soil structure. The rollers of the soil produces a higher capillary action in the soil structure and a lower evaporation of soil moisture. A good reconsolidation of the surface promotes the seed emergence and provides young culture root sufficient support for a good growth.
The modern HYDRO-PRESS system provides excellent ground adaptation and the uniform pressure of each working section of the roll.
The Cambridgewalze TYTAN is intended for reconsolidation of the surface immediately after the plowing, before sowing or after sowing. It is particularly suitable for use in heavy and muddy soils. It reduces the lane depth in subsequent operations. The soil moisture is better preserved and lumps are crushed, thereby contributing to higher crop yield.
Thanks to the special profile penetrate the rings into the soil causing its superficial reconsolidation. The considerable weight (calculated on the square) guarantees adequate leveling of the soil surface.
The Cambridgewalze TYTAN can also serve for stubble cultivation, it provides excellent straw incorporation, incorporation of crop residues, volunteer grain and weed seeds. The machines are also in meadows and pastures.
Basic equipment:
Drawbar for upper linkage mounting
Bicycles 10 / 75-15.3
Hydraulic Battery for uniform weight distribution
Frame with three lifting cylinders transport safety
three sections of Cambridge rolls all series Hydraulic Folding, drawn
Special equipment:
straight drawbar for lower link attachment
Ausgleichegge hydraulically or mechanically adjustable
Reinforcing rail for Ausgleichegge
stone container
Cambridge ø 450, 500, 530, 600 mm
Crosskil ø 510 mm
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
B safety mark
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Transportation AT: 150-500 € Dependent upon Plz.
Transport CH: 150-550 € Dependent upon Plz.
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