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Intralift MS 1033 in Zutphen, Netherlands

Intralift MS 1033 in Zutphen,
Zutphen, Netherlands
$2,817 (USD)
VAT forklifts
MS 1033


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Forklifts & internal logistics
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Pedestrian stackers


INTRALIFT Semi Electric stacker MS 1033
Compact model for use in small spaces
Parking brake
Varta batteries
Light and easy maneuverable steering system
With adjustable forks
Capacity: 1000 kg
Max fork height: 3300 mm
Min fork height: 90 mm
Fork length: 1150 mm
Width over the forks: 540 mm
Total length: 1820 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Height: 2225 mm
Battery: 120 Ah 12 Volt
Lift pump: 1.5 kw 12 volts
Net weight: 550 kg
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