2015 Ceres 1200 lt in Mijdrecht, Netherlands

2015 Ceres 1200 lt in
Mijdrecht, Netherlands
$5,615 (USD)
1200 lt


Ce marking:
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Subcategory 2:
Stable structures


Options: 1x double-acting valve.
With hook hooks hookable (All hook hooks available)
Also with Cat2 tractor dragonfly. 1x single acting valve.
Conservation primer and lacquer, therefore no bridging.
Various types of knives on the mixer indicate the possibility of spreading variety of products.
Conveyor belt without zipper connectors of PVC fitted with carriers 250mm wide. Open cage rolls, no accumulation between conveyor belt and cage rollers.
Hydraulically driven, multiple colors available., Features have the following features:
Hard steel wear strip on the bobbin side.
Equipped with 1 stirrer and 1 mixer in the bin
Ceres Box Spreader - 1200 lt - 315 kg - 1.60x1.60x1.50 mt - cross conveyor belt l / r unloading - no zipper joint! - absolutely no bridge! - products to be processed: - horse harvest - fractional test - compost - sand (with inlay dishes) - sawdust - chopped steam - chopped steam with lime (by special mixer) Price 4.775, - ex - Additional price: 3-point tractor tilting book 950, - ex Coupling hooks 225, - ex for shovel etc.
Manual (s): Dutch
Maintenance book (s): Dutch
Other accessories: at extra cost, if any, s
Coupling hooks
4 wheelbarrow
2 wheelbarrow
Adjustable inserts for sawdust (less dosage)
3/2 valve (reverse both rollers)
Power control valve (control knob.) Quantity control
Extra 3rd stirrer
Powder coating
Mixer lower roller (part)
Mixer and stirrer made with knives (extra cost)
Side brush extra double-acting valve required
Rubber slide under box spreader.
Inlay dishes for sawdust and sand
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