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2017 Pronar Zweiachsdreiseitenkipper T680 NEU von TOP-AGRO Three-way tipper in Zgorzelec, Poland

Zgorzelec, Poland
$15,251 (USD)
Pronar dump trucks
Zweiachsdreiseitenkipper T680 NEU von TOP-AGRO


18.00 t
385/65 R22,5 RE
Maximum speed:
40 kph
Loading capacity:
17.20 m³
Sides are made of:
Subcategory 2:
Transport vehicles


Model T 680
The PRONAR T680 trailer is used mainly for the transport of land products and especially for bulk materials such as grain or maize. The bridge is constructed of strong steel hollow sections. The side walls are divided on the side and rear. With the central locking system and with a lever, the side walls can be opened from the side. Three-sided tilting of the bridge expands the discharge possibilities. Corn shovel in the back wall allows the material to be blasted.
Fuhrmann steel profile hanger walls divided, pendulum attachment 600 mm,
Central side wall lock,
40 km / h version, 2 circular compressed air system,
Oil connection + air behind,
Rear fender, 5-piece tilt cylinder, parabola springs 100 mm wide,
Corn shovel in the back wall, lighting.
Technical specifications:
Permissible total weight 18000 kg
Weight: 4900 kg
Payload: 13100 kg
Loading volume: 17.2 m³
Platform length inside: 5100 mm
Width of the pallet: 2410 mm
Board height: 800 + 600 mm
Total length: 7500 mm
Total width: 2390 mm
Platform height: 1390 mm
Steel base: 5 mm
Wall thickness: 2.5 mm
Track width: 1900 mm
Cylinder length: 1980 mm
Required oil quantity: 18 liters
Operating pressure: 200 bar
Tilting angle backwards: 47 degrees
Tilting angle: 47 degrees
Tires: 385/65 R22,5 RE
Cash on delivery
CE certificate
Safety signs B
Favorable transport possible
Transport DE: 150-600 € Depending on Plz.
Transport AT: 150-600 € Depending on Plz.
Transport CH: 150-650 € Depending on Plz.
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