Zgorzelec, Poland
$11,148 (USD)
Kippfutterwagen T676 TOP-AGRO 4T BEST QUALITY 2017


10,0/75/15,3 18PR
Hopper capacity:
18.00 m³
Feeding systems


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T676 Kippfutterwagen
The feed wagon T676 (also called Kippfutterwagen) consists of a frame on which a charge sheet steel box supports. Its dimensions allow the transport of up to 4 tons of forage. Discharge is using multiple conveyors. First promoted a scraper conveyor with a chain slat construction, the feed to the front of the cargo box. Here, the feed encounters two metering drums (each having a diameter of 467 mm) with mounted at the edge diameters. Mince the green fodder and facilitate its distribution, the next step, the feed is passed to 600 mm wide belt conveyors. They move in opposite directions, but at the same speed. Your task is, the feed evenly, both on the right, as well as to spread to the left side of the machine. For accuracy when dosing the green fodder provide specially shaped slip grooves. The car T676 requires a tractor with about 50 hp. Thus, can serve as a prime mover of the popular 60-horsepower tractor. Some mechanisms of the machine from the PTO of the tractor moving at a speed of 540 rev / min. rotates, driven. This is about the dosing drums and to the cross conveyor The drums move at different speeds. The lower roller which rotates faster than the upper, rotates at nearly 200 revolutions / min. Thanks to the hydraulic drive of the scraper conveyor, the feed task is infinitely variable. The trailer T676 has a width of 2.4 m and a height of 2.3 meters and weighs about 2500 kg. According to the manufacturer of the car should be driven in the feed distribution at a rate of about 5 km / h. The permissible transport speed is 25 km / h.
Technical parameters:
type T676
Machine type: hängbar, uniaxial
Length: 6410 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Weight: 2500 kg
Allowable load capacity: 4000 kg
Working / transport speed: 5/25 km / h
Tractor power min: 50 kW
Required pressure of the hydraulic system of the tractor: 160/16 Atm./MPa
Diameter of the Deichselöse: 45 mm
tractor hook
Acker hook
Mixing and crushing device:
Vertical auger drive - mechanically
Unloading: food distribution
Belt feeder drive - mechanically
Tyres - 10.0 / 75 / 15.3 18PR
Tire pressure: 350 kPa
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CE certificate
B safety mark
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