1989 INDUSTRIAL 3470 & 3550

1989 INDUSTRIAL 3470 & 3550 FINGER JOINTER [FJ-010610] in United States

United States
$80,550 (USD)
3470 & 3550


Includes a $18k Western Cutterhead Grinder! Off market for 3 months as of 8/12/16
Condition info:
(6-8) Very good condition [7]
Current status:
460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. repl. cost:


Model "3470" with: Right & left shaper sections. - Cap.: 5/8" - 2" Max. thickness, 2" - 8" max. width (with lugs on 12" centers, cureently arranged for 6" max. width with lugs on 9" centers), 8" min. - 96" max. length. NOTE: MJachine has been modified for 60" max. length, can be converted back to the original 96" infeed lengths.

-- Equipped with: (2) 3 HP score saws, (2) 5 HP trim saws, (2) 20 HP shaper motors.

-- Variable feed lug chain drive with: variable speed control, air bag pressure head with "quick change" feature and side conveyors; APQUIP extrusion type glue applicator with block counter & 1.5-gal pot; manual transfer to the Assembly Press.

-- Model "3550" Assembly Press: 30' Max. cutoff/press cap., automatic cycling, feed speed varies automatically depending on part & cutoff lengths from 50 - 200 FPM; powered infeed flat top chain 6" wide x 15' long with side alignment rolls to the retard section.

-- Pieces advance through the cutoff saw to a moveable limit switch & are cut-to-length; bottom mounted 5 HP flying cutoff saw for continuous non-stop assembly.

-- The cut-to-length piece drops down into a final 30' squeeze chamber while the next piece is cut-to-length; finished lengths are pushed out by the next piece onto material outfeed arms.

-- Complete with: (4) Re-trim saw for shorter length cut while Press is used for full length capacity and one complete set of tooling.

-- NOTE: Price includes a used 1995 Western model 875 automatic cutterhead grinder for sharpening fingerjoint heads, mill to pattern, "L" shaped and face type grinding. Cutter cap. face grinding up to 12" long x 14-5/8" dia; bevel grind up to 6" long x 14-5/8" diameter. Grinding motor 1.5 HP with grinding speed between 1,725 and 3,450 RPM. The grinding wheel automatically infeeds the amount that the operator designates in the program. Panelview operators station control with AB "504" processor. Lineal bearing carriage for 14" automatic table traverse. Variable wheel speed in both directions. (Priced on our website as [GS-011279] for $17,850.)