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1.265 scfm per cycle at 80 psi
Up to 35 cases/minute
Case range:
RSC and HSC cases
Primary 230 or 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
Up to 35 Cases/min
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ABC Model 330T Case Erector / Bottom Tape Sealer.
When you need a high performance case erector / tape sealer, choose the machine built for the job. Packed inside the heavy steel frame of this case erector is a powerful, continuous motion drive that speeds through case forming and sealing at 10-35 cpm. PLC electronics provide precise operation, linked to a clear and concise touchscreen operator control panel.
Add the simplicity of no-tools changeover and an easy-load, low level case magazine, and you'll see why the Model 330T is the solution for your case erecting requirements.
Case range: RSC and HSC cases
Electrical: Primary 230 or 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
Air: 1.265 scfm per cycle at 80 psi
Speed: Up to 35 cases/minute
Standard Features
High Performance Features:
- Heavy steel box frame construction- welded and bolted for strength
- All-mechanical main drive
- High capacity vacuum system
- Direct drive walking beam case transfer
Features for Reliable Operation:
- A-B-C’s Intelligent Control electronics provide total control of operation
- Low level case magazine holds 3 stacks of cases (approx. 300 kd’s) eliminating frequent refills
- Automatic case feed from top of stack by dual floating grippers to smoothly feed warped or band-marked cases
- Dual top and bottom vacuum grippers that over-open cases ensuring proper opening of cases with poor manufacturer’s joints
- Reliable walking beam case transfer
Reduced Maintenance Features:
- Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
- Sealed bearings throughout
- Gull-wing style high visibility machine doors allow easy machine access
- Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
- Back-up eye for surge control
- Elevated beacon fault light
A-B-C's Intelligent Control gives you more
Included in the base price of the machine, this package features:
- Variable speed capability:
10 - 35 cases per minute (dependent on case sizes)
- Speed ramps up and down to suit line speed- all settings (including adhesive application) are automatically adjusted as speed changes
- Soft Stop - quits operation without dumping air
- Cycle stop - cycles out all cases before stop
- Main drive jog function
- Manual operation of all functions including glue test
Standard fault detection features:
- Downstream case backup
- Case magazine is empty or low
- No / low air pressure
- Guard door opened
- Case did not open properly
- Emergency stop activated
- Motor overload
- Photo eye is dirty or misaligned
- Encoder or coupling malfunction
- Individual sensor malfunction
- Minimum speed fault
Optional features:
- Magazine extensions for additional capacity
- CSSC case capability
- Repeatable position indicators on adjustment shafts
- 3" wide tape roll capability
- Grouped lubrication fittings
* or a hot melt adhesive sealing machine - priced differently. Just call us!