NAKAYA NT- 400S - Automatic

NAKAYA NT- 400S - Automatic Onion Skin Peeler (Non Abrasive) in Bangholme, Australia

Bangholme, Australia
NT- 400S


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3 phase; 200V; 0.8kw.
350 kgs. (770 lbs)
Weight 2:
680 kg (1,500 lbs) and is 5.2 cubic meters (182 cubic feet).
2,200mm (l) x 810mm (w) x 1,700mm (h)
Up to 4,000 onions per hour [40-110mm diameter]
The crate measures:
2,420mm (l) x 1,100mm (w) x 1,940mm (h)
Necessary accessory equipment:
Air compressor (3 phase; 200V; 22kw or greater)


How do you process onions with a beautiful hand peeled and polished look?
The answer is simply to use the NAKAYA Onion Skin Peeler.
The first NAKAYA was designed by an onion grower and improved upon by his engineer son. The third generation has fine-tuned this incredibly rugged and well-designed machine. It requires almost no maintenance.
The NT- 400S processes up to 4,000 onions per hour, depending on onion size which ranges from 40mm - 110mm (one and a half inches to four and a quarter inches) in diameter. A variable speed drive controls the rate of input.
Please note this machine is not suitable for restaurants and commercial kitchens; it is designed to operate in a food processing factory.
For onions or shallots with a diameter of less than 40mm, we recommend using the Nakaya Garlic Peeler:
Onions are very vulnerable to bruising which quickly leads to spoilage, and abrasion peelers add to the problem. The NT- 400S uses a knife slit system, to make a surgical incision in the onion skin, and then compressed air blows the skin away.
The onions are not manually handled and the gentle manner of processing reduces spoilage dramatically. There is no odour or problem with "running eyes".
Please see this YouTube link:

The machine operates at 2,200 litres (70 cubic feet) of air/minute and the pressure is 0.89 MPa (128 pounds per square inch) screw type.
Motor : 3 phase; 200V; 0.8kw.
The machine draws 2 Amps per phase.
Please note that the motor is Japanese voltage and may require a transformer in your country. This is not included in the price.
Dimensions : 2,200mm (l) x 810mm (w) x 1,700mm (h)
[7 Feet 3 inches (l) x 2 Feet 7 inches (w) x 5 Feet 6 inches (h)]
Weight: 350 kgs. (770 lbs)
Necessary accessory equipment : Air compressor (3 phase; 200V; 22kw or greater)
and an out feed conveyor (to improve efficiency, add a larger hopper and infeed elevator to deposit onions into the Nakaya's in feed hopper).
The outfeed height of the onion peeler is 800mm and can be adjusted to within 40mm.
Current lead time to purchase this new machine is 9 weeks, plus shipping time ex Japan.
Terms are 50% deposit with order, balance prior to crating and before shipping.
The crate measures: 2,420mm (l) x 1,100mm (w) x 1,940mm (h)
[8 Feet (l) x 3 Feet 6 inches (w) x 6 Feet 4 inches (h)]
Weight: 680 kg (1,500 lbs) and is 5.2 cubic meters (182 cubic feet).
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