IOPAK IWS-600 - Servo Driven

IOPAK IWS-600 - Servo Driven VFFS (s/s) in Bangholme, Australia

Bangholme, Australia


Stock number:
220V, 3KW
Air supply:
6kg/cm², 2.5³m/min
Pouch type:
Pillow Pack, Gusset.
Powders, Granules
Film diameter:
Max 400mm
25-70 packs/min (Product Dependent) Bag Dimensions: 70-250 (W) x 100-350 (L) mm
Bag dimensions:
70-250 (W) x 100-350 (L) mm


This brand new IOPAK s/s VFFS Bagmaker is very competitively priced. It is also extremely simple to change over. It is servo-driven and also includes a touchscreen.
Applications: Powders, Granules
Pouch Type: Pillow Pack, Gusset.
25-70 packs/min (Product Dependent)
Bag Dimensions: 70-250 (W) x 100-350 (L) mm
Air Supply: 6kg/cm², 2.5³m/min
Power: 220V, 3KW
Film Diameter: Max 400mm
* Stainless steel body and frame suitable for food production
*Can be supplied with a LOW PROFILE for height restricted areas
*State-of-the Art electronics make it simple to operate
* The same machine can be used for many functions by changing the weigh head/auger filler or cup filler
* Reliable and hard working
* The touch-sensitive screen can display operational statistics, instructions and fault finding.
*The internationally used Japanese made Programmable Controller can handle & store up to 100 sets of working configurations in the machine. PPN's Engineer can control and adjust your machine from long range.
*The machine is provided with well-versed AC servo motor technology on the film feed draw belt, resulting in smooth operation and higher speed.
*On-line adjustments of sealing position, cutting position etc can be easily made on the touch-sensitive screen.
*The automatic temperature controller is used to maintain the working temperature within a deviation of sealing degree centigrade. In addition, a tooth-shaped sealing device is used to ensure firm sealing.
*Alarm equipment alerts the operator to material malfunction, unsecured guarding, film run out etc.
*PPN can also provide your complete system from processing to final end of line packaging.
Available Options:
- Gusset Device
- Hole Punch (Top Jaw 20mm, Bottom Jaw 15mm, 6mm Hole)
- Gas Flushing Device