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BUHLER TCDS 65609 TPLE 7415 Special HB250 GG-65682 in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia
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TCDS 65609 TPLE 7415 Special HB250 GG-65682


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Approximately 140 Kg/hr of cereal type product
Food machinery


This pasta extruder was part of a pilot plant producing soya products. It has a high shear screw so it is quite flexible for formed and cooked products.
The machine basically consists of a primary double shafted blender/mixer mounted at the upper level which discharges through a transverse pipe screw to the extruder entry point.
After passing through the extruder, the final product exits the die at a low moisture of 12 to 14% and can be cut easily into the required size and shape.
These shapes are further dried and milled to 20 mesh consistency through the final sections of the machine. Extruder size is 95mm ID x 1180mm L s/s screw.
The extruder is powered by a dual speed 440 - 1,750RPM, 5,5 - 22KW, 3 Phase, 415V, TEFC Electric motor belt coupled to the shaft.
The extruder barrel is steam jacketed to provide the heat for cooking of the product. Cutter section also available as well as conditioner.
Extruder Barrel Overall Length - 1180mm
Extruder Barrel Internal Dia - 95mm