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The 102B was developed with over 30 years of experience in the field of backhoe loaders, devoted to listening to users with will exactly meet their expectations.
With the new equipment 102B provides performance, productivity and a further improved comfort.
Award-winning cabin design
With its ergonomically designed cab offers a panoramic viewing angle and a comfortable space that corresponds to the internal volume the largest in its class. It also gives the user a more pleasant working environment with standard suspension seat, a radio CD player, air conditioning option, personal storage space and a refrigerated compartment on the dashboard.
A multi-directional charger
Due to its unique design, the multi-directional front loader has, in its domain, the largest power breakout with the many possibilities of action of the bucket 6 functions it has.
An ideal shovel
The backhoe capabilities include its ability to dig deeper, to the ease of reaching his arm to a handling easier with the option of lever control and 1.2m additional access offered by telescopic arm optional.
A pioneering engine
The engine of the 102S offers reduced fuel consumption thanks to a John Deere diesel engine complies with internship legislation III-A on emissions, less vibration in the working cabin, fuel economy on the go with its 5-speed transmission ZF front and 3 rear and excellent crossing ability slopes with a minimum risk because skating LSD transmission system including the machine is equipped with anti-lock differential gear adapted to 12 tonnes.
Effective Customer Support
The after-sales service of Hidromek is at your sides with its technical team perfectly trained to meet the needs.
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