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300 hp cleaver brooks packaged firetube boiler, model cbl700-300, originally constructed in 1998 in accordance with the asme. code for a design pressure of 150 psig. The unit is a four-pass dryback design with 1500 square feet of fireside heating surface. The shell is insulated with two inches of compressed fiberglass and covered with a heavy gauge sheet steel casing. The fully modulating forced draft burner is integrally mounted, piped and wired on the boiler front allowing for ease of flame observation, set-up and maintenance. Valving trim, controls and ancillary equipment include;
primary low water cut-off and feed pump control; mcd&m no. 193a
secondary low water cut-off; warwick probe type with manual reset
integral flue gas recirculation assembly for nox reduction to 60 ppm firing natural gas
boiler/burner control center consisting of a cb780 primary flame control and detector, motor starters, relays, fuse blocks, limit switches, alarm bell, indicating lights, control circuit transformer and potentiometer with selector switch for manual firing rate adjustment
boiler valve trim including; feedwater stop and check valving, blowdown, blow-off and vent valves and safety
relief valves per asme code
water column with sight glass, gauge cocks and blowdown valves, mounted on the primary low water cut-off.
front and rear hinged covers.
pressure gauge with isolation valve
stack thermometer
operating steam pressure limit, safety limit with manual reset, low fire hold control and modulating steam pressure controller
dual fuel trains with double-block & bleed for natural gas & propane with low & high gas pressure switches
nfpa 8501 safety code requirements
fm and ge-gap insurance approvals, u.l. Labeling
national board certified