fluid bed dryer by OKAWARA


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Used fluid bed dryer by okawara (japan) type fba-20 for continuous work. contact parts in stainless steel design (aisi 304). chamber is insulated and covered with carbon steel. Fluid bed has dimensions: width 700 mm x 3000 mm length. Perforation of bottom in drying chamber have diameter about 1 mm and distance between every hole about 5 mm. Machine is equipped with stainless steel tubular heat exchanger (rated 6 bar), steam pre-heater, blowers (main blower is driven by electric motor 30 kw, 2950 rpm; and working output 290 m3/min), tunnels (aluminium made), bag filter (stainless steel made) and cyclone (stainless steel made). steam on inlet is fed at temperature 130 c, and air is fed with temperature 80 c. Machine had been working on product with charge weight 800 grams/liter. Machine had been working on plastic pellet with reported output 3 tons/hour. Reported that dryer can reach level of water evaporation 400-500 kilos/hour. Dimensions of machine: width 1200 mm x length 3500 mm x height 2500 mm. Weight of all installation – about 2500 kg. Technical documentation – included.