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Used approximately 6.7mw biomass cogeneration plant. plant consists of the following:
1 off used idrotermici water tube boiler, water content approximately 65ton, evaporation surface aproximately 1,253sqmt, economizer surface approximately 1,630sqmt and super heater surface approximately 446sqmt. Steam capacity rated approximately 33ton/hour at 55 bar maximum pressure and 48-50 bar working pressure. Includes (2) superheaters including 1 spray nozzle desuperheater. Working temperature at 450 deg.c. Fuel feeding system fit for rice husk combustion. Includes (2) water feeding pumps. Also includes (2) ancillary gas burners rated 2.4mw capacity. Water cooled dynamic step grate combustion system built by vyncke, model cbr-bs-350. Has two grates with water cooled circuit. Includes aerimpianti type bf j 58-504 4 lt baf filter with filtration surface approximately 2.027sqmt. (1) acovent type ctc1400 exaust fan, rated 140cumt per hour, driven by 160kw motor.
1 off used tosi type t.v.11 no. 4272 steam turbine. Design curtiss-raeau with 44 rows of blades. Power rated approximately 6,700kw, inlet pressure rated approximately 45 bar. Discharge pressure rated 0.09 bar. Inlet steam temperature rated 440 deg.c and discharge steam temperature 55 deg.c. Unit has (2) intermediate steam extractions. Control system is woodward type 5005. (1) used cge type atb 2/7500 generator, unit rated 7500kva, 3,000 rpm, 3 phase, 722 amps, 6,000 volts. Excitation via carbon brushes on brass collector. Unit is water cooled. (1) used water condenser rated 440sqmt heat transfer area. Tubes manufactured in special copper, approximately 20mm diameter, water flow approximately 1,300 cu/mt per hour, steam capacity 32 tons per hour. Includes (2) vacuum pumps and (2) water recycle pumps.
6 off used baltimore cooling towers rated 250cumt/hour each.
1 off lubrication control system which includes (2) ac, (2) dc and (1) steam turbo oil pumps. (2) water cooled oil tube exchangers.
1 off ifi boiler feed water treatment system type ion exchange resins, has 2 anion and 2 cations + 1 mixed bed columns, capacity approximately 15cumt/hour.
control system wonderware software with siemens type 18-0-11 plc’s.