Hainesport, NJ


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1 boiler capacity of 80 tons of steam per hour, with pressure 42 kg/cm2, with its peripherals (air preheater, economizer,. washer gases) with mcc and control panel
1 boiler capacity of 70 tons of steam per hour at a pressure of 42 kg cm2 +, with its
peripherals (air preheater, economizer, washer gas) with mcc and control panel.
3 turbo-electric power generators with a capacity of 7,500 kw each, generating a
voltage of 6.9 kv, westinghouse brand, with capacitors, transformers and control
system detached, mcc (motor control center) and control panel.
1 turbo generator texas / ge – 10,000 kw, generating a voltage of 6.9 kv with condenser, engine control system and control panel generation
3 cooling tower water, brand alpina, with capacity of 2,000 cubic meters per hour
each, with ccm and 5 booster pumps brand imbil, also with ccm.
2 cooling towers anhanguera brand, with a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters each time,
with ccm and ardl 2 pumps of 4,000 m3 / h each.
2 voltage transformers brand weg, with a capacity of 20/25 mva, with transforms tion
of 6.9 / 138 kv
1 voltage transformer brand weg, with a capacity of 2.5 mva, with conversion of 13.8 /
6.9 kv1 voltage transformer brand weg, with a capacity of 500 kva, with transformation
1 lift 380-13800 10 kv transformer – 2,500 kva
1 system generation control and timing with delivery network.
1 water treatment plant with capacity of 50 m3/hr, brand metÁgua.
1 system decanting water scrubber with ccm.
diesel generator set 1
– engine alternator and cummins – 1500/1250 kva – 380 v
network 1 power transmission at high voltage (138 kv) 2,100 meters long.