Hainesport, NJ


Stock number:
Rated voltage:
3 kV x 6300
Two oil filters – each containing:
6x insert CFO 11942 25 microns.


Used atlas model c-700te dual turbine. maintenance in 2008.
turbine with the gearbox is connected with coupling to generator, the generator is coupled with the turbine on a steel frame. Single-stage steam turbine with an integrated gearbox. Self turbine stage is attached to the gearbox with one high-speed pinion on which is mounted the turbine impeller with two-stage axial blading type c. The cabinet is mounted on transmission. Bearing lubrication gear is protected from the oil system generator.
the nominal parameters of the turbine atlas c – 700 te
required quality of steam according to csn 07 7401 allowable increase in pressure and temperature
on a quick valve according to en 60045-1
rated parameters steam parameters *
input 2.4 [mpa abs.] 350 [° c]
output 0.25 [mpa abs.] 210 [° c]
rpm 6000/3000 [min-1]
steam consumption, performance
steam flow 30 [t.h-1]
rated power 2000 kw
rated voltage: 3 kv x 6300
el. Performance in 2500 [kw]
at the terminals of electrical generator
turbine operation ensures by electronic regulator tr 101 and electro-hydraulic oil, low pressure unit
by oil pressure unit is controlled regulatory quick-closing valve.
turbine regulation allows these types of operation:
-speed control maintains the desired speed during turbine start-up, before connecting the generator to
the electric net, during the controlled shutdown after disconnecting the generator.
-backpressure-regulation the control works only when running the generator sets connected to the
electric net. Flow steam turbine is determined by immediate collection of steam appliances and electric
power corresponds to this flow (which made electrical power should be used). pressure regulators
maintain a constant (adjustable) backpressure.
oil management
oil management for lubrication of bearings and gearwheels of transmission:
– main gear driven oil pump which supplies pressurized oil for lubrication of turbines in operation
(gear). approach-electric oil pump
– emergency oil pump driven by an electric motor for supplying pressure oil for lubrication and cooling
of bearings at full power failure (power supply from an independent source such as ups).
oil-tank has a volume of about 400 liters. For lubrication can be used turbine oil tb-46 or equivalent,
complying with iec 65 6620.
-oil cooler (2 x plate l25 gg 60) to aggressive cooling water. Flow of water max 20 ° c is about 8.4
+5.2 t.h-1, the cooler pressure loss is about 35 kpa warming water of 8 ° c.
required cooling water overpressure is 0.6 mpa.
for cooling is considered chemically treated water:
content of mechanical particles max ………… 50 mg.l-1
ph …………………………………………. …… 7 ч 8.3
hardness …………………………………………. .. 4 to 7 mg eq.
content of impurities ……………………….. 700 to 1000 mg.l-1
it is recommended to insert to the water circuit coke filter
-two oil filters – each containing: 6x insert cfo 11942 25 microns.