Escher Wyss Paper Machine 2.75M
Escher Wyss
Paper Machine


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Used 2.75m (125”) wide. 2.50m (100”) trim paper machine by escher wyss overhauled by spi. producing mg papers, completely overhauled in 2004. Producing 15 to 40 gsm basis weight grades at a maximum design speed of 600 mpm or fpm. The machinery includes complete stock preparation using 100 % virgin pulp. Known at mill site as their pm#2 machine. Stock preparation for the 2 machines is combined used for two machines. Includes the following equipment:
1 helical pulper varein #4 for virgin pulp, stainless steel construction, at 5 m3 capacity with a 650 cv motor.
pump licar model tes–7–200 4hp, with power motor 60hp
tanks on cement stainless steel with pumps with the pumps licar
1 conventional pulper nº3 built on stainless steel, capacity 30 m3 with power motor 250 hp
pump licar model tes–7-200 with power motor 40 c.v.
stainless steel tanks nº 2.1 and nº 2.2 capacity 2000 kgs of pulp at 2 % with agitator ss power motor 55 c.v.
1 conventional pulper nº 2, built on stainless steel, capacity 4 m3, powered by 100 h.p., with pump licar t-5 / 125 with power motor 12,5 h.p.
stainless steel tank nº 1.1, capacity 500 kg at 2 % with agitator powered 15 h.p., with the pump licar powered 170 h.p.
1 pulper nº 1 built on iron for pulp virgin – rejects and chemical products, capacity 5 m3, and power motor 135 h.p.
3 tanks on cement, capacity 1000 kgs with agitator power 15 c.v. The number of nº2–3–4
pumps licar with power motor
1 disc refiner jylhavaara dd-720 28”, production 1,3 – 1,8 tph, with power motor 400 hp. The stock preparation include all of the associated pipes, valves, starters and controls.