1990 144′ (3.6M) WIDE, 78″
American Samoa


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Used 144′ (3.6m) wide, 78″ (2.0m) trim paper machine for the production of various printing paper, copy paper and fruit (wrapping). paper grades in the 40 to 80 gsm range. The machine was manufactured new in 1990 by taiwan/japan. Design speed of 300 mpm (max 350) at 20 tons per day, average production. The machihe underwent a number of unspecified refurbishes in 2003 and 2006. The design is a 60 hz fourdrinier with two yankees. It was stopped in 2006 due to business enviornment. Additional details as follows:
– fourdrinier section includes head box with a micro adjustable slice. Breast roll 1 pc at 360 mm dia.
– forming board 1 pc
– table roll 1 lot
– deflactor 6 pcs
– suction box 6 pcs
– suction couch roll 1 pc at 710 mm dia.
– head box screen 1 set
– frame & sole plate 1 set
– uni-press section :
– uni-press roll 1 pc at 750 mm dia followed by a bottom press roll 1 pc at 610 mm dia., squeeze roll 2 pcs at 410 mm dia each. Felt roll 10 pcs at 188 mm dia. Each, felt suction box 1 pc, frame & sole plate 1 set
– 1st press section includes a top press roll 1 pc at 610 mm dia., bottom press roll 1 pc at 610 mm dia. And a squeeze roll 1 pc at 410 mm dia, felt roll 8 pcs at 610 mm dia., felt suction box 1 pc with frmae & sole plate 1 set
– 1st yankee dryer section consists of one each yankee dryer 3660 mm dia. With two each touch roll at 510 mm dia. It also has two each squeeze roll at 2 pcs 417 mm dia. And 14 each felt roll at 188 mm dia
– 2nd dryer section consisting of one each dryer at 3660 mm dia. With one each touch roll at 510 mm dia. And a paper drive roll at 600 mm dia. There is are 8 each canvas rolls at 265 mm dia. As well as the frame & sole plates, 1 set
– coating section includes 6 each gate rolls at 600 mm and 400 mm dia. Respectively and 2 each paper rolls at 212 and 264mm with their corresponding frame & sole plates
– third dryer section four each conventional, 3660mm by 1520mm diameter dryer cylinders and 13 each canvas rolls at 186 mm dia.,
– 3 nip calender section consisting ofa king roll at 510 mm dia., a queen roll at 355 mm dia. And an intermediate roll at 254 mm dia., top roll at 355 mm dia. And a spring roll at a 162 mm dia. With its corresponding frame & sole plates
– pope reel is 3660mm by 800 mm dia. With its corresponding frame & sole plates
the machine is life shaft driven, right hand looking from the headbox towards the reel. It consists of a main motor , dc motor & gear reducer with a ventilator fan. Additional equipment includes:
– fan pump
– nash pumps (3)