94″ (2.45M) TISSUE/TOWEL 70 MTD


Stock number:
Subcategory 2:
Paper and components


Used 94″ (2.45m) tissue/towel 70 mtd 2-ply consisting of the following equipment: stock prep: 1 25-30m3 pulper with conveying. system
6 25 m3 stock stainless steel stock tanks with agitator
1 thickener with roller press and scraper 1250mm diameter x 3.500mm
1 thickener for overflow 1250mm diameter x 2500mm
1 grooved debugger mfg by enertec model s-18a 0.25mm grooves
1 separplast screen. Small
1 m2 vibrating screen
1 voith model e1k deflaker
1 beloit jones 20″ dd refiner series 3000
water treatment:
1 krofta design comparable spc-10 for 25m3/h (110 gpm)
3 stainless steel water tanks 25-30m3 capacity
1 texas band filter 1m wide
1 fire tube, 3 step boiler for burning fuel-&-oil and or, natural gas at 13 bar pressure rated fro 5 tm/hr of treated water, 2 feeding pumps and complete fuel-oil circuitry
machine design:
the tissue machine design consists of a plain table with 1 felt, 2 presses against the yankee, (1 blind drilled holes) with a 3.5n diameter yankee a spooner stainless hood. Design speed of 400 mpm (1300 fpm) and an average production 370 mpm (1200 fpm).
closed stainless steel headbox with 1 roller decculator 2.45 m of slice cantilever design including, 1 breast, 2 foils, 3 vacuufoils and 4 suction boxes.
machine includes a press roll at 24″diameter with 3 each metallized yankee doctors, 3 vacuum pumps by safem with separators, sp-600 headbox screen holed basket, 1 m2 vibrating screen, a fan-pump by wortingthon.
additional equipment:
1 motor 350kw to axis the wire, presses and yankee
1 motor 25 kw for pope
tissue rewinder with two each back stands.